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09 October 2006


I absolutely adore this time of year; freshly picked apples, hot apple cider, pies, cooler temperatures, and the every changing leaves.

Since seeing the neurologist, I have not been able to cycle as I had so hoped. A new medicine I must take knocks me on my bum, literally. Hopefully my body will adjust to this new medicine soon.

Knitting? Well I have not picked it in so long, I believe my FLAK is beginning to glare at me. Why is it, the closer I am to finishing a project, the slower I proceed?

Instead I have been enjoying myself and my family. We have been spending a great deal of time outdoors, picking apples, making candles and decorating for this lovely autumn season.

I also started running and I am already hooked. :-)

Past the field into the sea of various colours of leaves is where I spend my time running.

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