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21 November 2006

A veritable cornucopia

November has been a whirlwind of events with the days zooming by faster and faster as Christmas approaches (only 34 more days!). I still have not touched any knitting. I think I have begun to associate it with neurological tests. :(

This arrived from Blue Moon a few weeks ago as part of The Rockin' Sock Club. I just now got around to photographing it.

Of all the colourways in the club thus far, this is my favourite.

Next major events were the twins' birthdays. Identical twins with very different cakes, with one exception, neither likes traditional birthday cake.

"Cake" #1

Mile high Cheesecake

"Cake" #2

Not a Nutter Killer Brownie Cake

It is official, I now must wear medical ID at all times.

I would like to mention just how difficult it is to photograph one's own wrist.

A bright spot occurred the morning of DH's birthday...SNOW!

It is not much and did not last long, but at least there was some snow, for which I am grateful!

Did I mention the morning started out well? It should have been a sign. Our garage door is beyond repair and we spent yesterday waiting for and then getting quotes. We will be having a new door installed today. The price makes me weak. So let me end with a happy photo.

This is a one time only shot of my cat humouring me on the birthday guy's lap.

Did I mention she was not amused?


Carol said...

Dani looks absolutely humiliated! How could you?? It's still a mighty cute picture though.

Jennifer said...

It was to tempting an opportunity to pass up. She was not a happy little girl, but so cute. :)

Knitting Rose said...

it must be very difficult to photo your own wrist - kind of like trying to photo yourself knitting! Love the kitty pic - too humiliating for her though...