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25 April 2008

Where Have I Been?

I took a long break from the blog world and playing online for awhile. I noticed life in my house was rapidly changing and new milestones were being set and I had no intention of missing out. All my babies are now shaving and, as my oldest reminded me, there are only 5 short months until he takes his Driver's Test. :O

Along with my break from all things blog related, I also took a delightful TV break which is still in affect. I have been busy, even knitting and reading. :) I would share photos, except my only camera had a nasty accident with the tiled floor and no longer works.

Lately I have been using my skills to help and work with NGO's as well as making our home much more Earth friendly and green. Along this thread I have renewed my yoga practice with vigour and feel much better for doing so.

A few of my favourite Organizations, not all of which are NGO's, but most definitely worth supporting. I have many more, but not enough caffeine in me to post them.

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctor's Without Borders
The Genocide Intervention Network
Resolve Uganda
Save Darfur
Amnesty International
International Rescue Committee
Human Rights Watch
The Invisible Children
World Vision
America's Second Harvest

A long as I am on the topic, I will share my favourite place to buy Fair Trade, Organic Teas, Coffees (they sell in bulk-YAY), and chocolates:

Grounds For Change

Along the lines on change, I am joining in the " I Am so you do not have to be" study group:

More to follow....

1 comment:

Carol said...

I was wondering where you were since I emailed a few times and never got a response! Thought maybe you left town :)