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24 May 2008

17th Wedding Anniversary and Early Birthday Gifts!

Today is DH and my 17th Wedding Anniversary! I have been very blessed. :)

I have not updated my knitting information, mainly because I no longer have a working camera, which makes it difficult to blog about my knitting projects.

Trust me when I say I have made some gorgeous lace scarves (even when I vowed to never touch lace again during the Knitting Olympics). Honestly they turned out lovely, much to my delight and overall surprise. Maybe I shall try felting again, although I may be pushing my luck.

I still prefer sweaters, and I tend to knit prolifically in the summer so I bought myself some early Birthday gifts. :)

The patterns I already owned, the yarn was chosen with much help and great patience from Astrid, of Astrid's Dutch Obsessions.

In no order, here are the three I shall be making:

Vintage Pink Cardigan, by Norah Gaughan

I am using Zitron's Lifestyle in Nature White, which is brave for me (using white that is) and I am excited about it.

Garnstudio's Drops 95-2

This sweater is one of my all time favourites and I have had this in my queue for quite some time.

With Astrid's help, I substituted the Garnstudio Yarn for Zitron Lifestyle. I will be using 8 beautiful Zitron's Lifestyle colours.

Finally (yes, I must have three sweaters going at once), I choose a fast knit: Cozy V-neck Sweater: Fitted Knits, by Stephanie Japel

I am knitting this up with Zitron's Ecco in a dark Blue and imagine this will be my favourite jeans sweater.

Hopefully I will have a camera soon so I can post progress pictures here and on Ravelry. I never realised how much I relied on my digital camera.

Time to celebrate 17 years of wedded bliss with my husband. :-)


Linda said...

Happy Anniversary! The Mister and I just celebrated our first this month - I can't imagine getting to spend 17 years with him! Weeee!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok...which one of the sweaters is for me???? LOL
I am sorry I forgot to wish you a Happy Anniversary....but you know I think the two of you are the best!!

Alynah said...
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