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17 May 2008

Confessions of a Colour Challenged Knitter

I admit it, I cannot choose colours. I never have been able to and it does not look as though, after nearly 20 years of knitting, my skills at choosing colours are improving. *sigh*

If one has ever pomndered why Fair Isle knitting packages are offered, I believe it is to help people like me. I refuse to belive I am the only colour challenged knitter.

What spurs this confession? The sheer fact that I cannot chose a colour for a IK's Refined Raglan
which is a lovely, simple, easy knit. I want to wear it with jeans. I only need to choose one colour, and yet I am asking for help. I cannot decide and I only need to choose one colour!

Astrid,(with the patience of a saint) of Astrid's Dutch Obsessions
has been helping me.

I am going to use Atelier Zitron Ecco Yarn and just need to chose a colour, which is not my default colours (grey, black, cream, white, beige, basic brown).

All help is greatly appreciated.

There must be a 12 step programme. And yes, I do have a colour wheel and never did get the hang of it. Physics I understand. Colours baffle me.

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