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05 May 2008

Preparing For Summer

I am amazed at how quickly time passes. This coming Sunday will be Mother's Day (a helpful hint for those who have not remembered) and with it brings forth the beginning of the growing season.

My yard is all finished! Flowers have been planted and organized into various pots and hanging baskets, and now I am looking forward to the bounty of spring/summer.

I have joined the 100 Mile Diet (which is not a diet) rather a way to eat locally grown food. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many green blogs. The tips and links save me hours of research, which I appreciate immensely. This is not a huge leap for me as I have been buying organic for quite some time now and I will not go into too much detail about my passion for fairly traded/fair wages/non-sweatshop produced clothing. Suffice it to say, my family is quite organic and earth conscious. This was not always the case I am ashamed to admit, but there it is. We have evolved as a family and continue to do so.

Speaking of evolving, DH and I decided to play grown-ups. To us that means a sound financial plan. We have read books by numerous experts, all of which have been good, yet the series we personally felt was the best for our family is Debt Proof Living, by Mary Hunt. She has numerous wonderful books out and the one I just finished is titled, Live Your Life For Half the Price: Without Sacrificing the Life You Love. Fabulous tips that actually apply to my family! :)

Finally a knitting update. I have been knitting a lot. My knitting always increases dramatically as the weather warms, which is the opposite of what many knitters do. I am odd. ;) I Have almost finished the Tangled Yoke Cardigan and I have knit up numerous scarves in various patterns, but all from sock yarn. My current scarf is gorgeous. The yarn is so beautiful! I am using the clourway, "Sun Kiss" from Zen Yarn Garden. It is from her Harmony Semi-Solid Sock Yarn Club. If you have never used yarns from the Zen Yarn Garden, I highly recommend her yarns. They are addicting and always beautiful.

Time to exercise! Have a wonderful week!

BTW, I am still without a working digital camera.

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