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16 July 2008


First I still do not have a functioning camera, which makes blogging about my knitting quite dull.

To liven things up I have signed on to compete in the 2008 Ravelympics. I shall be representing Team Hopelessly Overcommitted and Team Ohio.

My Event is: Laceweight Long Jump

Laceweight Long Jump will pose a serious challenge for me as I stink at lace work or I should say, it takes me a long time to finish a lace project. This is a problem as I have from Opening Ceremonies on the 8th of August to the Extinguishing of the Flame on the 24th of August. This may appear to be a long time, but for me in lace world, it is not long at all.

My project is going to be: Gossamer Stars Scarfwhich naturally I refuse to use the yarn weight it calls for, instead I will using JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 in Marine Blue. *If* I can get another skein I may be insane enough to try the Icarus Shawl as shown here

Updates shall be posted and if nothing else I will be buying disposable cameras to capture the games as they unfold.

1 comment:

Sourire11 said...

I'll be with you on Team Ohio although I haven't completely decided what I'm doing yet...