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26 July 2008

"Totally Cool"

I need to bask in the moment of being a "totally cool" parent. I am also deeply loved, or so my teenage twins keep telling me. Why, one may ask, am I so deeply loved and utterly cool? I agreed to let them spend some time in Florida with their grandparents.

This is no ordinary trip, mind you. Nothing like I had with my grandparents at least. The twins will be going to Key West, Deep Sea Fishing, Snorkeling at North America's only Living Reef, and taking an Air Boat through the Everglades (I believe it is called Alligator Alley?).

Anyway, they are excited and counting down the days. I believe there is roughly 200 days or so until take off. The round trip plane tickets were UNDER $300 so how could I say no?

See, I do have my "totally cool" moments.

I like to savour these moments as they are few and far between. *sigh*

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