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25 November 2008

Christmas Dress

I cannot recall how many years it has been since I actually bought myself a new outfit for Christmas. So, this year I ordered a dress from Layers Clothing. After careful deliberation with my friend Deb, my fashion expert, we decided the dress "Trixie" may be the one for me. I had been reading a lot about this company on various blogs and it so happens Simple Finds is giving away an outfit from Layers Clothing and I am hoping against all hope I win, as there were many pieces I wanted to buy. I shall let my readers know what the dress is like once it arrives. I am quite excited!


angie said...

I have quite a few Layers dresses and shirts. They are really comfortable. Good luck!

From A Creative Heart said...

You do realize that I am sending you a bill for this service, don't you????? LOL

Jennifer said...

This is my first piece from them and I cannot wait for it to arrive. I loved basically their entire line.

Jennifer said...

You may send a bill, odds of anyone reading it? LOL Let us hope the dress passes your inspection.