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08 November 2008

A Good Quote To Start The Day & The Book I Won Arrived!!

I received this quote this morning in my email and was once again reminded of my passion for philosophy, so I decided I would share it with all who read my blog. May you take from it as much as I do.

"I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts."

- John Locke, philosopher

On a lighter note, yet still educational the book I won, from Linda at The Gluten Free Homemaker, arrived!

This book will come in most handy as I was not quite certain how to prepare nutritious foods I could eat that would also be tasty for the family. My problem has been solved. Thank you Linda! Of course, I did take a photo of the book. ;)

With a bit of luck I will be posting my cardigans soon. I am knitting as fast as I can. I need a day in which I have absolutely nothing to do, but knit.


realworldmartha said...


I am getting ready to qualify people for my contest. I need a link of your post of my contest that appeared on your blog. Please send ASAP to qualify.


Debbie aka The Real World Martha

Jennifer said...

Here is the post and I left a comment with my blog link on your site. I hope that is what you were asking?