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05 November 2008

Happy Mail Day!

Today was an excellent mail day and trust me they do not happen all that often, so I truly cherish days like today.

First I opened up the candles and soap I ordered from Bazil Essentials and oh my goodness the smell is divine. I am looking forward to using the soap and burning one of the tea lights right after I exercise (which I am putting off to blog this). I will write up a review after I have used the products.

Below is Bazil Essentials' Headache Relief Pure Soy Candle tea lights in Peppermint Eucalyptus and Bazil Essentials'Olive Oil Soap in Peppermint Eucalyptus. The smell is wonderful.

The second package was one of the gifts I won from the Bloggy Giveaways which will come in quite handy.

From Nancy's Knit Knacks LLC I received DP WIP Tubes. I am a very happy knitter! :)


From A Creative Heart said...

I remember your talking about those candles....I am going to have to check those out.


Tiff said...

Very cool, I love good mail days!!
Um, what do you do with that knitting thing, I'm confused... lol
Do you wrap your project around it and then roll it up? Way better than the plastic shopping bags I use. I swear my husband thinks our house belongs to a bag lady, they're in every corner of the place LOL

Jennifer said...

The candles smell *so* wonderful. I adore this scent.

Jennifer said...


The safely close around double point needles that are already in a project to protect the needles from falling out of the work in progress or the needles poking you through your knitting bag. ;)

sharonanne said...

I've never tried using soy candles before. I do drink tons of soy milk.