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26 November 2008

A Happy Twisted Silver Sort of Day!

My day began with another TIA. I appear fine, so I shall not be headed to hospital. Okay, I probably would not head there anyway, as Mannequin, from Fractured Toy informed me I WON a bracelet and $50 worth of jewelry from Twisted Silver!!!!! See, how could I go to hospital for brain scans when I had to wait to phone in my win? I could not. Want to know what I ordered?
I once again phoned Deb (my fashion expert) to help me choose. We have very different taste, however I am to officially leave all my jewelry to her, should I suffer another stroke, so maybe she does like my taste?
Without further ado I ordered from a delightful woman named Elizabeth, the Beatnik Bracelet in Silver and the Bling Earrings in Silver.
Once I saw Mannequin's picture with the Beatnik Bracelet and the Clink Bracelet I knew I had to have both, I am such a follower. My husband and 3 guys have been given a Christmas list of jewelry wishes from Twisted Silver and at the top of the list is the Clink Bracelet.
As happy and grateful as I am it is medication time....

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