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07 November 2008

More Soy Candles to Review!

First off, I should mention that DH and I make our own soy candles, not to sell, just for our own use. So, when I stumbled across Bazil Essentials I had only planned to buy their Headache Relief candles (Peppermint Eucalyptus), just to give them a try. I figured it may or may not help, but I do not need to buy more, we make our own.

Straightaway I realised how inferiour my homemade soy candles are. Do not get me wrong, they do the job nicely, considering I live with 4 men, 3 being teens. However, mine do not throw the scent as well as Bazil Essentials nor do mine last as long. Now I have no idea what their secret is, but they now have a new buyer for their candles. :)

I received more candles! Yes, I know I just received the others, yet I find one really cannot have too many candles, books nor too much coffee and tea.

I ordered a lovely glass pillar candle, Lavender scented which was on of the Charity Candles where a large portion of the sale went to RESQCATS. This candle, just as the smaller ones, has an excellent throw and a wonderful burn time. For those who usually do not care for Lavendar scents, I do recommend giving this one a try. It is the lovliest Lavender scent I have ever smelled.

The other scent that arrived is Jasmine Rose. I have yet to light one of these, yet judging from the absolutely beautiful scent from the unlit candles, I am in for a delightful sensory experience. :)


Leah in Iowa said...

What a beautiful lavendar candle you got, with those flecks inside!? Gorgeous! I love candles, too.

I wanted to hop over and see how your Giving Thanks list was coming. Looks like you're off to a great start already! I could have added your #2 to my list this morning with one small change: Drinking hot coffee and watching the snow fly. Big sigh...

Jennifer said...


The flecks are dried Lavender. :) This candle smells delightful and so relaxing.

I am still waiting and hoping for snow. I am greatly enjoying the 30 days of giving thanks. :)