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18 November 2008

My Babies Turn 14 Today!!!

My babies turn 14 today! I cannot believe how fast the years have passed.
Their journey was a rocky one, they were not supposed to make it into this world, yet they proved the medical community wrong. Once born, they were not supposed to live, yet again they proved the medical community wrong.

Where does the time go? One moment I am sleep deprived from being up with teething babies the next I am sleep deprived because teens are teens. I love my boys dearly and have enjoyed (most) of every stage of their development. Yet, I miss those sweet little baby toes (teen toes are not so sweet smelling). I miss tight toddler hugs and the sloppy kisses only toddlers can give. I miss holding their hands as we walked to kindergarten. Yet, I know that this time in their lives will be just as memorable, obviously not quite so cuddly, but definitely just as wonderful.
Happy 14th Birthday Michael and Zachary!
I am so very proud of you both for you and I am enjoying watching you both grow and develop into wonderful, thoughtful, caring young men. No matter how big you two become, you will both always be my babies.

My Love Always, Your Mom,


Tiff said...

They grow tooo fast don't they?! Loved reading about how far they have come. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of them!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Boys! What a blessing you both are to your mom you are loved! God surely bestowed a blessing with the birth of both of you!


Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Guys!!!!
Hope you both have a wonderful go be nice to your mom!!! LOL
And mail me a piece of birthday cake!!!
Aunt Debbie

angie said...

Happy Birthday to your boys!

Have you posted their birth story? I'm so intrigued now........why they were not supposed to make early they were, etc.

Anonymous said...

Happy 14th Birthday to Michael ad Zachary and MANY MANY more.

L & H

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday boys!

Mom is very proud.


CanCan said...

These pictures are so sweet!
I hope they have a nice "manly" birthday, or whatever kind of birthday 14-year-olds want to have! :)

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Boys!

I loved reading your post, as it makes me want to relish every moment with my baby, even the ones where I'm dog tired and he's fussy. I hope you all enjoy your special day!

Kim @ What's That Smell said...

Wow, there was a lot of cuteness in those pictures!

Happy birthday boys!

Cascia said...

Happy birthday to your handsome boys! They were cute babies. Time does go by way too fast. My kids are still little. I've learned that I need to treasure the time with them. Happy WW! Mine is up. You have a nice blog here. I think this is the first time I've been here. Visit Healthy Moms for our latest giveaway.

JenReg said...

They are just adorable!! I love those eyes...Thanks for sharing!