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12 November 2008

Show Us Your Mug, Tea Parties and the Mad Hatter.

Fractured Toy wrote a lovely blog post about the tea party and brought images of the Mad Hatter into play. I have always enjoyed the Mad Hatter and could not resist joining. :)

Mom Most Traveled has asked us to show our favourite tea mug and to explain why it is our favourite.

I must admit I am having a delightful time with this. :)

Here is a picture of my all time, cannot live without, tea mug:

This mug is very, very special to me and I do not think I could replace it, should the worst happen and it breaks. This mug was purchased by me almost 12 years ago when my husband, for job reasons, moved us and our young children (our oldest was 3 1/2, and twins were 1 1/2) to nowhere Wyoming. I had always lived in large cities, so this was a huge shock that I did not take to the move as graciously as I probably could have. Okay, I admit it, when we drove into Wyoming I cried. Yes, it is a gorgeous state full of history, yet it was so different from what I knew. However, I was immediately taken in by the mountains. We had not lived there long when I lugged the children to main street (yes, that *was* the shopping block) and found this mug. It captured what I did like about Wyoming. Over the years I came to love Wyoming, and my mug all the more. Did I mention I purchased this mug at a time when finances really did not allow for such a purchase? Which goes to show retail therapy can be found just about anywhere. ;)

A local potter made the mug, to my knowledge he did not mass produce these, and this mug has come to remind me of the rough times we had as a young family and now of my 6 years spent in Wyoming. I have not been back, yet I still miss the mountains.


CanCan said...

It is a beautiful mug, and you tell the story so well! I love it!
As frugal as I am, I believe in retail therapy!

Kathleen said...

I love that mug! There's something so beautiful and special about handmade items, and especially when it's something you use every day. And yours has a great story too.

Thanks for being part of our tea party!