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28 December 2008

50th Wedding Anniversary

No, no, not my Anniversary, rather my in-laws. Their 50th Anniversary was yesterday, but after all the festivities I was too tired to blog about it. We spent the day relaxing and then politely asked them to leave and meet us at the restaurant. We needed to decorate and I am not tricky nor clever when it comes to these things, so I just told them we had something to do, would they mind meeting us at the restaurant. They graciously smiled at their crazy daughter-in-law and complied.

We had a lovely meal, with the exception of when a waitress dumped ketchup down my twin #2s back. Other than that mishap, all went well. After dinner we headed back here for cake and presents!

My FIL bought my MIL her own laptop, which she has been learning how to use since last night and is having a great time with it! Their children and spouses (I am one of the 2 spouses) bought them a Kodak Photo Frame and we pre-installed over 100 pictures for them see when they unwrapped it. The tutorial on how to work that comes next. We all know laptops are a priority. Finally my children gave their grandmother a laptop case made out of recycled plastic bottles. I bought my husband one for his birthday and we knew she had to get the computer home and this was the best way to carry it on the plane.

We feel very blessed to have been able to share in my MIL's and FIL's 50th Wedding Anniversary and wish them many more loving years together.


Erin said...

How fun! 50 years!!! It's milestones like this that give me hope. I so want to be able to say that we celebrated 50 wonderful years of marriage. *mush*

mannequin said...

Fifty years. Geez, I cannot begin to imagine. Is one of them deaf?

Seriously, that is absolutely wonderful. The decorations look beautiful, you did a very nice job and what thoughtful gifts you all gave.
What a very nice way to end the holidays. Oh wait. They're STILL not over, are they?

blueviolet said...

You made that so special for them. You are a great DIL. It looks so festive!

The Muse said...

Nice of you to have the glam out for 50...I want to get there!

Candice said...

You are such a sweet "crazy" daughter in law! My in-laws celebrated 44 years together before my FIL passed away.

I think a laptop and digital photo frame have to be two of the best Christmas gifts for a grandma, EVER!

Doré said...

Sounds like they had a great Anniversary. I love the gifts the children and grandchildren got them. Very thoughtful!

rmgales said...

Wow, 50 years. The table was decorated beautifully. I'm sure your MIL & FIL were thrilled.