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15 December 2008

Confession of A Coffee Addict

I confess, I love coffee. Yes, I actually love it! Not just any coffee though, as I am a coffee snob. It must be Fair Trade Certified and preferably organic. I had heard of Keurig Brewing Systems and did not think much of them. I entered a contest a while back (and lost) for my friend Deb. After reading about them I realised the full potential (and yes, Organic and Fair Trade options exist)! I have lost track of how many contests I have entered for a Keurig,which means there have been many, all I have lost. I keep holding out hope, so once again I have entered a contest. If you would like to try and win won, visit Momgiveaways and Momstart. Should I lose once again, I will be disappointed, but I will be truly happy for the winner, even if I hope it is me.

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