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22 December 2008

Guess Who Has NO WATER!?!

That is correct, it is official we have NO WATER!! I am sweaty and need a shower, there is no dinner, and oh by the way, DH was working of the pipes I mentioned previously and "apparently" the pipes were not draining fast enough so he cut a huge hole in the pipe. So now, should he turn the water back on in the house, it would flood.

I am expecting company for Christmas in under 23 hours and there is NO freaking water. No water to drink, bake, cook, wash our hands, bathe, or flush the toilet with.

I. am. officially. freaking. out!


Naomi said...

Oh, yikes! At least you got your baking done...

I hope you get patched up soon!

Ky said...

Oh geeze {{{{{{{{Jen}}}}}}}}}}} Talk about unwanted/unneeded stress. Eek!

Thankfully, that should be an easy fix if you have PVC pipe.

Darn, hate that you are going through this. We had to go through a replumb of our entire house. NO FUN!

It's fixed now though... wanna come hide over here?

Kathleen said...

Oh Jen, I feel so bad for you! I wish you could just hide under the covers for a few days and then it would all be magically fixed when you woke up.

blueviolet said...

Hey, this post wasn't here when I checked last night... I am hoping that by now you are indeed flowing freely with water and that your guests are happily visiting and enjoying their stay. More importantly, I hope you're enjoying the stay. Having company overnight for days is not easy no matter how you slice it.

Momstart said...

Oh, I hope you have water now

shopannies said...

Husband just fixed the water pipes which busted about 3 days ago today. Thank goodness. I love him for that