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15 December 2008

I Was Spotted By The chicBud Elf!!!

I have been Elfed and in the best possible way. Ms. chicBud Elf contacted me via my blog to let me know I had been Elfed and to check out the chicBud Elf blog.

Sure enough there was a link to my blog post. I emailed Ms. chicBud Elf back, with shaking hands. Why were my hands shaking? Because I was close to possibly getting the coolest set of ear buds around!

As many of you know I have been in turmoil over chicBuds and so when I was emailing back to Ms. chicBud Elf I felt close, but maybe not close enough?

For those wondering, I did donate the money to Feeding America that I was going to use to buy my own set of totally stupendously beautiful, I know I would rock the house, chicBuds. I just could not let people go hungry. I should feel good about that I suppose, yet secretly I wanted to be able to do both.

Now I will have a present under the tree! YAY!!

So here is the deal, for those who have been wanting a pair, blog about it, make a video, Tweet about it, get creative because the chicBud Elf is watching. Do not take my word for it, check out the chicBud Elf's blog.

Now what are you waiting for? Blog about it, sing about it, hold a contest, they are watching so be good. :)

I am doing a chicBud happy dance here and wishing Ms. chicBud Elf a Very Merry Christmas!


From A Creative Heart said...

I am so glad the trauma of this is over...LOL
CONGRATS!!! I am so glad you won these...

From A Creative Heart said...

BTW...I have given you an "award"...stop by the blog...

blueviolet said...

Yay! Congrats! They're so darn cute, aren't they?

mannequin said...

Congratulations!!! You certainly deserve and elf at your doorstep. I'm so happy for you!