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12 December 2008

It is Aloha Friday!

An Island Life is hosting Aloha Fridays, which means a day of rest and relaxation with simple blogging. I personally plan to spend the day finishing up my last knitted Christmas gift, as I have been busy with other things and really need to make time doing this. Before I can implement that plan I must first go to the neurologist's and hopefully receive some shots to relieve some pain, rest, then knit.

My question of the day is: What do you do to relax?


angie said...

I'm so sorry for your chronic pain. To relax, I love to read in the bath tub. Or just read.

5 months in the hospital? Please tell me more. I only spent 2.5 months in the hospital. From 24 weeks until birth at 33 weeks.

Linda said...

I hope the shots helped. I find it relaxing to do almost anything in a quiet empty house. I just found this blog of yours. I hadn't noticed it before mixed in the long list of blogs you contribute to. I look forward to reading more.

Kathleen said...

I hope your pain is gone, and hopefully doesn't interfere with your knitting.

To relax, I tend to be online lately, but I do actually like to knit to relax. I just can't seem to finish anything lately. My mind seems in too many places. Wait, I guess that means I really need to relax!

A cup of tea does wonders too.

blueviolet said...

I hope the shots took effect and helped with the pain. I'll bet knitting is a great stress reliever. My grandma taught me how to knit as a child but I've forgotten. I would love to learn again.