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12 December 2008

Killer New Shoes & Fabulous Sales

Remember how I mentioned something or other about not going shopping again? Well, I did. However it was not to the mall. Kohl's is having a fabulous sale. As in, I had to go.

My twins needed new jeans and I really do not like to shell out $30 for jeans they will abuse. With the doorbuster sales, plus the printed coupon of 20% off everything, I managed to get them Urban Pipeline Jeans for $7.88, my earlier prices were off. Yes $7.88!!! I stocked up on the next size as well! It pays to be prepared. ;)

Feeling great about the jean prices I checked out the shoes. Want to see my new Vera Wang shoes? With the sale, plus an additional 20% off I got these for $30. The skirt is my Jones of New York Pencil Skirt for the dreaded Mall trip.

**stupid things my husband says** "Wow look at your calves, they are huge! In a good way, I mean! They are solid muscle. What? Why are you looking at me that way? You should be proud to have such strong legs. Women want strong legs, right? I mean it is why you run, right? They are solid and built for speed, which is the goal, right? Please stop looking at me like that."

The sales at Kohls right now and tomorrow morning are fabulous if you have children to buy for or are looking for house wares, jewelry, hosiery, or new shoes. :) I also purchased a few more pairs of pantyhose as I know if I do not have back-ups, I will get a run. Now I am prepared and I saved a lot on them! The twins picked out sweaters that ended up being 70% off!! One was $60, I bought it for $24 Whoot!

***Adding*** I went back to Kohls and bought a wool coat originally $200, I got it for $56! As an added bonus I earned Kohl's Cash with all the purchases, I have $30 to spend at Kohls come Sunday. :)

If you plan to head to Kohl's, first go to their site and print of the % off coupons!


sharonanne said...

Since working there 95% of my wardrobe comes from Kohl's. I luv their stuff.

Tiff said...

Lovin' those shoes Girlfriend! I bet your tootsies are pretty happy right about now :o)
Kohl's is the best for clothes and shoes isn't it? I love Daisy Fuentes' clothes, they are the only ones that I don't mind trying on. Otherwise shopping totally bites LOL

Kathleen said...

Ooh, I love those peek-toe shoes! Very classy. And what a great deal on a coat.

I think the majority of my wardrobe is from Kohl's...I love that place!

deliriousnanite said...

Love the shoes and congrats on the sales! :) Wish I lived closer!! (the same continent would be a start huh? ;))

LOL! Men are so silly. Tell me he put down the proverbial shovel at that point and stopped digging ;)

Emilee said...

Nice legs.!! Those shoes are really very cute.