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10 December 2008

Living With Chronic Pain

I know one of the definitions of "blog" is an online journal and I usually shy away for using mine as such. Yes I ramble on, maybe talk about my favourites or hope to win a contest or two. I love promoting friends' businesses and businesses I adore. I even bore readers with occasional pictures of knitting projects.

However, today (or at least this blog post) I am going to use it as a journal. What I am about to write is yet unformed in my head, so we shall all be surprised with what I come up with. However my intention is not for sympathy or pity.

I am going to assume the vast majority of blogs I read are well thought out posts. This is definitely not one of those.

Today I am in a considerable amount of pain. I am always in some sort of pain, I have been for over two decades and it just gets worse with each passing year. I accept that. Yet today's pain is really irritating me. I figured if I blogged about it, I could get the frustration out of my system and move on. It is a theory.

Why when I have things I really need to do does the pain hit the worst? I know, there is no answer. I have things I need and actually want to work on yet my brain just is not cooperating. And no dear family members (if you are reading this) I still refuse to have an electrical device implanted in my head. Sorry. There is nothing about that process that even remotely sounds appealing. Yes dear family, I know the center is known world wide, yes I know the neurologists are top notch, and yes it "may" help. My answer is still no. For goodness sake, I am 39 and still refusing to get my wisdom teeth taken out. So it stands to reason dear family, that if I refuse a common procedure such as having my wisdom teeth extracted, I would certainly refuse to undergo voluntarily brain surgery, even one I qualify for. *SIGH* I am exhausted.

I just plain hurt and I am tired of hurting. It is rather exhausting being in pain. I fancy it is a dreadful bore for my family and friends to listen to me whine about being in pain. I am sorry. Seriously, I do not mean to bug all of you. Sometimes it does help to talk about it. :shrug:

I have spent enough time on this and now I must focus on the things I can change in my day. :) Thank you readers for indulging me in my poorly planned post. I shall be back to posting about delightful contests, wonderful stores, yummy recipes, and hopefully all things happy.


Tiff said...

Big hugs to you Jen, you can whine to me anytime, I mean that...

blueviolet said...

I'm sorry that you have chronic pain! I have another friend who has Kiari syndrome (sp?) and she is miserable most days too.

I love when you come visit me at my blog. I like seeing your name show up and I thought I'd try to keep visiting you too. We bloggers support each other right? :)

Also, I think you like the giveaways too! ;) I have carpal tunnel syndrome so I can't enter as many as I'd like but I love reading blogs and blogging. It's addictive, don't you think?

Cute new header, by the way!