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11 December 2008

My Turmoil Over ChicBuds

I have been having an internal battle with myself since I first laid eyes on ChicBuds. I really, really, really want them. However, I do not need them. They are so trendy and chic and would look lovely on me, I just know it, yet I am a SAHM and who would see them? Still I would know they were cute and thus I would feel better about me. They are retractable, so my cat will not eat the wires, yet is this justification enough to pay the price for them when my $7 ear buds work fine? Instead I should donate the extra money I would spend to Feeding America or an equally deserving charity, there are so many in need! Yet I really, really, really want these ear buds. I have tried winning them in the past and well, obviously I was not fortunate enough. However, I do have another chance! Mom Most Traveled is having a ChicBud Giveaway. If you happen to be the lucky winner and also fortunate enough to receive a set for Christmas, maybe you could send one my way?


From A Creative Heart said...

Good grief....I leave you alone for a day or two and you get in tooo much trouble!!!!
PS> you know you have to win the Fiesta ware for me.... said...

you've been spotted by the chicbuds elf! read more here: and contact us for details :)
Ms. Elf