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18 December 2008

Thursday's Thirteen Things About Me

I was over visiting Sandier Pastures and decided I would join in the fun. :)

13 Things About Me:

1 very pampered cat
2 cars
3 kids
4 number of bathrooms I wish we had
5 people in my family
6 years in Ohio
7 letters in my last name
8 letters in my first name
9 year old cat
10 thousand steps in a day
11 bedtime
12 the number of my favorite month
13 years of active knitting, as I took off time when the boys were babies and toddlers


kvbijou said...

Thanks so much for your sweet jewellery comment! Be sure to join my facebook group and keep in touch. Merry Christmas!!!!

blueviolet said...

For some reason, I thought you only had two kids. Are all three boys?

My daughter lives in Columbus (OSU). Are you anywhere near there?

It's fun learning new things about ya!

Oh, you're an exercise fanatic! When I'm on a kick, I am too. (Which I will be again after Christmas).

grace @ sandier pastures said...

10,000 steps a day!? Wow!!

grace @ sandier pastures said...

10,000 steps a day!? Wow!!