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09 December 2008

Twisted Silver Giveaway At 7 Clown Circus!

I could lie and say I am not completely obsessed with every piece of jewelry made by Twisted Sister but who really would believe me? I really, really want their Attitude Necklace (should Santa be reading this), however the earrings 7 Clown Circus is giveaway are equally fabulous.

So, if you want a chance at these fabuluos earring head over to 7 Clown Circus and if you win, would you please loan them to me?


angie said...

So far you have the market on this contest. I'm crossing my fingers for you.

LOVE your knit hat! You are so talented!

mannequin said...

You're an're an la la la.

And is it the GO GO OPERA belt you got? That's the one I've got and it is DARLIN'. Oh I can't wait to see the loot Santa leaves under YOUR tree!