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01 December 2008

Twisted Silver Giveaway At Fractured Toy!

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I ADORE everything at Twisted Silver.

Luckily, Mannequin over at Fractured Toy is hosting a Giveaway!!

Naturally, I really want to win. I even composed a Haiku (I love poetry, yet am dreadful at it). To take part in the contest one needs to write a Haiku based on a piece of Twisted Silver's jewelry.

My Haiku is based on their Chic Necklace (which I adores).

Silver and Gold Shine
Twisted Silver on my neck
Chic necklace Divine

I know the Haiku is lame, but it really was the best I could do.


Kathleen said...

I did this too, and mine was lame. It's fun to read everyones though.

mannequin said...

It's NOT lame. You are addicted now, aren't you?
Mr Man asked me the other day, "Oh so you want the entire store or something?"
And the answer is yes.

Good luck!