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22 December 2008

When I Realised It Is Not Sunday

Well, thanks to my migraines I lost three days. The first two were not so bad, I was aware of time, however the third day I was on enough medication that nothing bothered me. When I finally went to shower, before going to bed, I discovered that we had no hot water, I was not even flustered. I was extremely confused since in my part of the world pipes normally do not freeze, however we had a cold snap come through with record winds and wind chills, but I digress. Our hot water heater, furnace and other pipes of importance are not inside the house (I know, it was an interesting design concept I had never heard of before either, but then I hail from the Land of 10,000 Lakes), so DH had to go investigate outside in sub-zero weather (not normal for here) with a flashlight. Now, I do not know what was more intriguing to the medicated me, the fact that we had a functioning flashlight or the fact my DH was outside in a sweatshirt when the temp felt like -22 (he too hails from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so we are a hardy group). I did what comes naturally to me, I phoned my father, without noting the time and woke him, jump starting his heart a little, sorry dad, but it was an emergency. Once he was made aware that no one was dying, dead, or in prison, he proceed to talk me through frozen pipes, of which now I know more then I ever cared to know. I was a tad insulted when he was talking to DH and apparently the question as to whether or not I owned a hair dryer came up. For the record, I do. DH and the hair dryer worked for over an hour (and for the record my hair dryer is of the cheap, under $20 variety) and viola we had hot water again! DH had to wrap the pipes in quilts and (this is the saddest part) we had to leave a faucet on all night. I know, I know, a complete waste and so unlike the eco-friendly me, yet I could not risk a pipe bursting. I will donate more to WaterAid to repent.
Needless to say we woke uncharacteristically late this morning and I thought to myself, "we missed church". After breakfast I doled out chores to the guys and promptly feel asleep. Yes, I did. Odd thing about my pain medication, it takes 12-24 hours to knock me out. So today is my day of hardly being able to stay awake. Have I mentioned my in-laws are flying here to spend Christmas with us and arrive tomorrow? No? They are. Anyone have teens? I fell asleep so! I awoke to sun streaming down on me and then it hit me. Ever so slowly the grey cells connected the dots. We did miss church, but that was yesterday and I missed my Sunday Quotes (sorry) and it is actually Monday and my in-laws will be here in 24 hours. My medication has, for the most part, worn off and I am no longer numb, but frantic. We have not spent Christmas with them in over 15 years. It would be nice if the place looked better than it does!
So, instead of freaking out at my family, I thought it best to sit down and blog. Maybe I will be calmer when I am finished?
Some Christmas cookies are done. They all taste delicious. None will win a beauty contest, but the taste is wonderful. Twin #2 made the cookies, for which I am quite thankful. We have more to make tonight, but let me show you what has been made:

Frosted Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

Snicker doodles

We also hung up 2 extra stockings for my in-laws

I am slightly calmer now. It is time to bake and clean.


blueviolet said...

Wait, you just showed off all of those yummy cookies and now it's time to bake again? What??!!!! That's too much. I hope your visit with the in-laws is lots of fun!

From A Creative Heart said...

excuse me....but during our phone conversation, I don't believe I was offered any of the above cookies???? And just when can I expect them to arrive in the mail??? Cause you know I can't be bothered with baking when I am predicting craft trends for the newspaper, LOL


P.S. Abby is home and better....

Mommy Mia said...

Sit down and take a deep breath and eat all of those cookies! I guarantee you will feel better, if only for a little while! Hope everything goes well for you!
Lori@Thrifty Thoughts

Kathleen said...

Oh, those cookies are so beautiful! And if they taste as good as they look, everyone will be thrilled.

Jennifer, I felt so bad for you when reading that post. What else could go wrong? How awful about the pipes. I don't know what I'd do either except for the hairdryer, but that must have taken so long. Your poor husband. It's freezing cold here too, and I can't imagine being outside for more than a few minutes.

At least things have settled down a bit for you. I hope you have some time to relax.