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02 January 2009

Audiobook Challenge 2009

Really, being a knitter, one had to assume I would need to listen to a book while knitting, so this is the perfect way for me to do both of my hobbies at the same time. :)

The challenge is to listen to at least 12 Audiobooks in 2009. Really, this is an easy one. I shall be interested to see just how many books I do actually listen to. It will also be a great indicated of how much I have knit.

Join in on the fun!

Audio Book List

1.Phantom Prey by John Sandford


Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

I used to listen to audio books while driving when I was in Japan. I am very thankful to whoever started making audio books. It's great for busy people, especially moms!

Goodluck on your challenge!

Rae Ann said...

Have you heard of Librivox? ( It is an online repository of public domain audio books. They are read by volunteers. It covers all of the classics. I have listened to all of the Wizard of Oz books, as well as a couple of serial dramas from teh '40's. Big fun!

Ginny said...

I've never listened to an audio book. You like it then? I will have to try it sometime. Might get some scrapbooking done since I seem to have replaced that with blogging & reading.

J. Kaye Oldner said...

Welcome to the Audiobook Challenge! You have picked a great one to start off with!

Kathleen said...

That's a great idea. Why didn't I ever think of listening to books while I knit? I always debate over whether to do one or the other when I have some free time, so why not do both? You're brilliant, and this has really added great possibilities to my life.

Jennifer Berry said...

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Chris said...

I have never listened to audio books but after xmas we ended up with an extra I~Pod shuffle that the boys didn't need so hubby and I are going to share it. A good friend of mine downloads audio books and puts them on hers maybe I should try. I do a lot of reading but sometimes it takes me awhile to finish a book because I run out of time in a day.