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13 January 2009

The Flu Has Entered My House

About an hour ago, while I was trying to participate in the GNO chat, the flu hit my house.

Let me back up. My oldest has finals tomorrow and came home complaining that he did not feel well. I figured he was worried about his exams and recommended he go for another run (he is a runner) to see if it helped to calm his nerves. He chose to go to bed. A little while later he got up still complaining, and saying it hurt too much to study. Now my son loves school and so I was not worried about that, but he is competitive and I really thought it was nerves. Again, I suggested a run to reduce his stress. He thought it might do the trick as well, so he went for an evening run.

Now stop thinking how cruel. At the time he did not look ill! He came in from a long run (and yes I phoned him several times, I was not 100% confident about his going out with cramps) and thought he felt better. I assume it was the adrenaline rush talking, since he began feeling ill again and wanted to be with me.

Now, at this point, when my 16 year asked to lie in my room I knew it was not good. He came in and I began tweeting and soon he was running for the bathroom. The boy has the flu. After ascertaining he was okay and was comfortably settled, I started to pick up and noticed a series of his things that if photographed, would have made an awesome Wordful Wednesday. However, my son absolutely, positively without a doubt told me I could not take photos of him or his possessions.

Now wait, I know what some are thinking, I am not a cold, heartless mother. I am taking care of him and spraying Lysol around the house in the desperate hope that the other 4 people here do not come down with the flu. However, I am not sick (yet) and thought, awesome blogging material. My son had other plans.

Now I really need to come up with something for WW. BTW, if I am not blogging tomorrow it will be because I have the flu. I hope to be blogging tomorrow!


Aubrey said...

Oh NO! I hope he's feeling a little better this evening and that you wake up feeling OK! The flu stinks!

April said...

OMG...I so hope you don't get the flu!!!

Erin said...

Hope he feels better & you don't get sick too =( Bleh.

Lolli said...

So sorry! We've had illnesses over here, too...but not the flu. I feel something coming on tonight (I suppose I should get some sleep)

blueviolet said...

It IS flu season, isn't it? Yuck. I hope his is just one of the 24 hour bugs and he gets over it quickly, especially with exams looming.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Oh man, the flu is yucky. I make my way through flu season every year hoping my hubby doesn't get it because he is a whiney baby and he would tell you the same thing.