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06 January 2009

Forced To Face Reality

My family and I do not watch a lot of TV. We have what is referred to as "limited basic" cable which I infer to mean, "the cheapskate package". Which in all fairness is true. I only pay the $7.56/month so I can get reception and I still think it is a rip off. We spend most of our time away from the TV. When we do watch telly it is in the evening and usually PBS. My friend Deb had been trying valiantly to get my family and me to watch The Big Bang Theory for over a year now and we finally decided to humour her and watched a show. We loved it and identified with the characters. So every Monday night at 8pm we look forward to this show.

Then of all things Deb informs me (after I am hooked on the show) that part of the reason she finds the show so funny is because the character Sheldon reminds her of me. Oh please, I am nothing like that. So I ask my geeky husband (he is a chemistry professor and researcher) if he thought I was like one of the characters. He declared that I was a lot like the Sheldon character. I was stunned! If you have not watched the show Sheldon is brilliant, cannot grasp sarcasm or irony, and is very regimented in his days, not to mention controlling. So, I began thinking, why do those who love me think I am like this character? I should be offered degrees in both sarcasm and irony, so how could I possibly resemble this character? Then I began to think more about the Sheldon character.

I am a creature of habit. I sit in the same place in the house, always. Seriously. My hot beverage always goes to the left of my cold beverage (stop laughing Deb). One can tell time based on when I do things around the house. I need structure. In my defense, I have three boys, my oldest was given the nick-name Maximum Entropy as a wee babe, need I say more? Someone needs to be organised in this household.

I proposed this argument to my loving DH who responded with a quote from the character Sheldon about his neighbour's apartment. Sheldon sees her apartment for the first time and it is a disaster. Really. I could not function like that. Apparently neither could the Sheldon character, who says,
" Explain to me an organizational system where a tray of flatware on a couch is valid. I'm just inferring that this is a couch, because the evidence suggests the coffee table is having a tiny garage sale."

Okay, I admit, that is something I probably would say. I also, like the Sheldon character, do not care for my routine being messed with at all. I also am not a fan of company, mainly because it does indeed throw my routine off. Finally (Deb will add more if I have forgotten any) I have a low tolerance for many people. I have never cared to party, drunk people annoy me, I detest meaningless small talk, or engaging others in conversation. My father has always said I was a wallflower, a nice way of saying I am an introvert. Interestingly enough, all my friends are extroverts. I shall ponder that one at a later date.

Throughout my life I have always had a few very close friends and truly that is all I ever wanted. I have a wonderful life, which I love and I do not see me changing. I have decided that there is a little bit of the Sheldon character in all of us.

So let me ask all of you a few questions.

1. Do you have a favourite place to sit in your home?
2. Do you have a daily routine?
3. Are you organized?
4. Do you like change? Is it something you adapt well to?
5. How wide is your social circle?


Ellen said...

Good post, Jen... you know yourself well. I, too, am SUCH a creature of habit, yup, I love my routine! Organized, check... I work constantly on the social circle because it does not come naturally at all. Left to my own devices, I would probably hole up on a daily basis, but I don't think that is too healthy... so I keep plugging away and that is a good thing!

Tiff said...

Oh my gosh! I was just writing about this on the list today, being a creature of habit,
My social circle is the most narrow thing on the planet! I feel like I'm reading about myself here except for the organized part, of which I am definitely NOT, although I strive to be. As far as the daily routine, any thing that distracts me from mine always feels like a huge annoyance, things like unexpected company, phone calls from people just wanting to talk and talk and talk... well, you get the idea, I'm sure.
Going to have to check out the show now. I don't think it would be such a bad thing to be like Sheldon, afterall it takes all kinds to make this world go 'round, right?
Love ya! Tiff

mannequin said...

Geez Jennifer. I thought I was the only weirdo. Like you, I don't care for company for the same reasons. The entire time I'm trying my best to have fun, I'm ticking off the minutes in my head pondering how far behind schedule all this merriment is making me.

I really wish I was different in that aspect, but like you, I want everything scheduled. Mr Man is just the opposite and welcomes company (probably because I don't talk too much). We butt heads when I tell him to please remind his family that it's rude not to call before coming over.
Well it is.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

My husband compares me to Monica on Friends...hmm. And I know there's some truth there.

1. Do you have a favourite place to sit in your home?
Our couch...
2. Do you have a daily routine?
My daughter is the boss and I just work here, I try to get certain things done daily...but it's ultimately up to her.
3. Are you organized?
I try to be. I have lists for my lists. Ultimate organization makes my knees weak.
4. Do you like change? Is it something you adapt well to?
Hmm sometimes I do okay with change. I suppose it depends on what's changing.
5. How wide is your social circle?
My circle of friends is small. It basically consists of my husband, family, and my best friend who lives out of state. Of course there's online friends too. I used to have a lot of people I'd go out with when I worked, but I realized a few years ago they weren't true friends. Sad, but that's life. Quality over quantity, right?

Maxine said...

I love reading your blogs, everyone writes so nicely, it is sort of like having a cup of coffee with a friend.

1. Yes, I have a favorite place to sit, I even asked my SIL to please sit someplace else Sun. night, she was in my chair where I have my things.

2. Sort of, I have my routine for my meds and to give the pain meds a chance to work but that is really about all, I do try to stick pretty close to a time schedule for eating due to health reasons.

3. I tr to be but have a long way to go.

4. I think I am pretty resilient, I try to go with the flow pretty much.

5. I have a very small social circle, I really like to hide out in my house.

blueviolet said...

I wish I knew who that Sheldon was but I don't watch that show.

I don't have a favorite place but I do have a favorite room.

I don't have a daily routine. I tend to get up at the same time but that's about it.

I don't like change. I like stability.

I have lots of good friends and a few really close ones.

Have a good night!

The Muse said...

:) I added you to MY must reads :) Nice to have you following the muse, an honor to sure, you have humbled me :)

1. Do you have a favorite place to sit in your home?
I try to sit somewhere new each day...I like to see what my guests may see.

2. Do you have a daily routine?
The pets are the only thing that comes close to a routine LOL

3. Are you organized?
Oddly in somethings~VERY !
Others..not so much!

4. Do you like change? Is it something you adapt well to? long as I know it is coming!

5. How wide is your social circle?
Big, within the circles grow smaller...