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26 January 2009

Not Me Monday #4

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It is time again for Not Me Mondays hosted by MckMiracle

I did not use up 2 boxes of Kleenex only to end up with my sinuses being completely blocked.

I did not have DH go pick up Hot Head burritos in hopes that my sinuses would clear up.

I did not have doughnuts yet again this week.

I did not buy another book, nope I certainly did not since I have a stack on my nightstand waiting to be read.

I certainly did not act pathetic in my feverish state.

I was not jealous that the twins went sledding with friends and I had to stay home.

Would you like to play along? Read the rules here and then begin.

****Please check out my Basil Essentials Giveaway and my Twisted Silver Giveaway!****


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Ugh donuts. They claim probably 10 lbs of my pregnancy lol! Are you feeling any better?

Cant Hardly Wait said...

donuts, it's always a love/hate relationship.

One Anxious Mommy said...

I can totally relate on your book-buying. I mean, NOT book buying. :-) I have so many books I am NOT reading but keep buying. I'll get there eventually, right? Hope you are feeling better!

Deb said...

So many books, so little time. It DOES NOT take 3 months or more for me to finish a novel these days!

pam said...

I certainly do not act pathetic when I am sick either.

Happy Monday.

blueviolet said...

Two boxes of Kleenex! That's funny in an I feel sorry for you kind of way. :)

I finally got my not me's up too.

I wouldn't say that you were acting pathetic, maybe just slightly loopy? ;)

Vanessa said...

I just nominated you for an award on my blog:

Dee said...

oh sorry you're not feeling great...but YAY for doughnuts! :)

namaste said...

I hope you're feeling better!

I do not buy books when I feel the need and generally have about 3 going at once....

Chris said...

I hope you are feeling better.
Those donuts are evil aren't they. They get me ever time.

Felicia said...

Bless your heart! You are feeling like me! Let's have a pity party together!