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16 January 2009

Virtual GNO

I just came from Ann Again....And Again, where she is hosting the Virtual Girls Night Out. She has the party music playing and a drink recipe listed. She also has the following party game listed:

The Name Game. Use the first letter of your name to answer the questions. Your answers need to be real places, names and things. Nothing made up :-> (You cannot use your name for #3 boy/girl "name" question.)

1. What is your name: Jennifer

2. A 4 Letter Word: Jute

3. A Boys Name: John

4. A Girls Name: Julie

5. An Occupation: Judge

6. A Color: Jade

7. Something you wear: Jacket

8. A Beverage: Juice

9. A Food: Jalapeno

10. Something found in the bathroom: Junk (trust me)

11. A place: Jalalabad

12. A Reason for being late: Jury Duty

13. Something you shout: Just clean up your room!

OK. It's your turn! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Have fun at our Virtual GNO. Visit those that sign-in! Go blog-hopping!


From A Creative Heart said...

Whoa...Whoa...Whoa...where the heck is the "j" in #12??? Good Grief, cheating already...LOL

The Muse said... that is cute...and I certainly am going to try and find time today (fingers crossed) to visit :)

The Thompson's said...

Hey Jennifer,

That looks like so much fun!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Ooooh! I love Ann's GNOs! I am going to link up now!

Elftea said...

yours was so cute. It was fun too.

Ann said...

Nice job Jennifer!
I'm so glad that you're hangin' out at the Virtual GNO! :->

Jess @ NBP said...

Thanks for visiting, momma cooks cooking. :) I really need to some how get more content for more readers.

blueviolet said...

Please tell me that the bathroom isn't the only place in your house that collects junk? Please?

Hula's Secret Blog said...

Happy GNO!

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

What a fun little game!

Just bopp'n over from GNO!


Maki said...

I didn't know there's such thing as Virtual Girls Night Out. Sounds interesting!!!

Thank you so much for supporting my big day past Wednesday! Sorry, it's taken me a while to say "hello" :)

I hope you're having a lovely weekend and let's stay in touch!

Vanessa said...

Too cute!!

Caroline said...

Great responses! Visiting from Ann's GNO...great blog you have! Cheers!

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

Missed it! I'll have to hang out at the next GNO! ;)