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08 January 2009

Writer's Workshop

I chose (foolishly it would appear) prompt #2 Ask a loved one to use 6 descriptive words to describe you and report your findings. How well do they know you?

I asked DH. Had I not been slammed with a head cold I may have thought to ask him last night to give him time to think of answers, as he is one who needs to carefully think things through. I know this, yet proceeded to question him as he was trying to get out the door for work (that will teach me).

The love of my life replied with the following:

Loyal (which is how most people describe their pets, but I will take it, for I am rather loyal to family and friends)

Strong-Willed (I am still trying to figure out how he meant this in a good way)

Stubborn (again see above)

Loving (he sounded thrilled he came up with a positive word)

at this point there was a long, long pause....

Regimented (great now I am ready for the military. However, I may spin this to mean I run a well organised house)

Compassionate (at this point he is almost out the door and pulling words out of thin air. I am compassionate, but I wanted his take on it)

So, foolishly, I asked him as he was almost out the door how compassionate fit into the other descriptive words he had already used.

His response? "Well you care about others". Deep thought obviously was not going to happen this morning.

So he countered with:

Challenging (well, that makes everything better now, *sigh*)

I asked in what way being strong-willed and stubborn were good traits. (I must note that at this point he was halfway out the door).

Once again, lacking deep thought he replied, "they can be good things". Seeing my face he added, "You do not back down to reason from your husband".

I am going to assume he meant well, yet was in a rush . Okay he was in a rush, as he has a lecture to give, so there is hope he will eventually see the error of his ways.

I would ask my darling children how they would describe me, however, being teens, they tend to not arrive home the happiest of campers. Especially after a long day at school and a nice 5 mile run in below freezing weather. So, I shall stick with the above and hope that at some time during the day, DH will phone with more thought out answers.

In case no one guessed, my sweet husband does not handle spontaneity well. I know this and should have asked him the question last night so he could mull over his answers, as is his way.

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April said...

I'm sure if you ask him to make another list and give him some time to think it over, he will come up with something fabulous...he better if he knows what's good for him!

Maxine said...

I just love reading your blog, it is soo uplifting and it just starts my day off with a smile, Thank You!

Jenni said...

Don't you think it's funny how a guy can throw a word and think that is enough. Or mean one thing by it and as women we pick it apart and analyze it to death based on what we know of their personalities? No? Maybe that is just me then.

Shanna said...

LOL I can just picture your husband trying to get out the door as you're still questioning him. This cracks me up! ;) Not bad for being in a rush.

The Muse said...

one single word (to most men) means the say it, they use and well, game over and score!
eee ghads how frustrating...!!! LOL I can so relate to this post!
(i do feel a slight twinge of remorse for your love though...poor fella) lol
Cute post!

Shanna said...

Thanks for stopping by and the nice compliment ;) I'm sure my hubs will be thrilled too LOL

blueviolet said...

I think his words were A-ok. You came out just fine!

mannequin said...

Well those are all wonderful traits!
I think he did very well; I'm a lot like him. I have to analyze the crap out of everything.
And love doesn't do that. Love speaks. And the man of the house spoke.

Kathleen said...

I would guess my husband would say things like that. It's not that they're bad characteristics, it's just that they weren't explained very well.

I laughed about the Regimented and the military...imagining you as a drill Sargent!