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04 January 2009

You Are Cordially Invited....

You are cordially invited to a blogland Inaguration Party which is being hosted by Muse Swings

The official rules are over at Muse Swings

Please invite all you know to enjoy in our virtual Blogland Inaugural Ball Party!
Make certain you link back to Muse Swings so everyone can connect and go from blog to blog. I am very excited as this is my first virtual Blogland Inaugural Ball Party!


blueviolet said...

I'll check this out; thanks! And look how cute you are in your profile pic! I should do that too. I put it in once for about 5 seconds and pulled it back Maybe you'll give me the confidence to try again. We'll see.

You're so pretty!

MuseSwings said...

Jennifer! Thank you so much for stopping by and adding your name to the list of bloggy participants for the Inauguration Day event! See you there!