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23 February 2009

Blogger Problems

I woke to take more pain medicine and noticed my followers dropped by a lot. I checked around and apparently I am not the only one this affected. As I mentioned, I am on a lot of pain medicine, so Jennifer from 80 MPH Mom was kind enough to not only tell me what was going on, but to also post how people on blogger can fix it.

From Jennifer:

"If you use Blogger as your platform, I'm sure you've noticed that your follower count is down. Apparently Blogger has changed everybody's followers to "anonymous" and anonymous followers don't show. If everyone can do these simple steps, we can all get our followers back:

Go to dashboard, you'll see "Blogs I'm Following"

Scroll down to the bottom of that list and click on manage.

Then you'll see that all the drop down menus have been changed to anonymous. You just need to change them back to public.

Hopefully we can get the word out, so everyone can take these steps. I hope this doesn't happen again!"

Thank you Jennifer. Now I can go lie down.


KittsKrafts said...

Your post is the second post I've seen on this. I was really puzzled when I saw mine little bit drop to less. Thanks for posting.

JenReg said...

Thanks for telling us Jen! Good job. Let's hope everyone will do this so things will be back to normal shortly.

Whimsical Creations said...

yep, freaked me out. Here is the blogger link explaining.

Angela said...

Now here you are supposed to be resting and instead you're taking the time to help us out. You will definately earn some extra feathers on your wings for this. Thank you so much. Mine seem to be coming back on their own but I'll check it out. Thanks.

The Cookie Girl said...

Thanks for the info...just wanted to stop in and say thanks for following me. I hope you are feeling better.

pam said...

Thanks, I like many thought that somehow I had offended a bunch of people.:)

mari said...

I was wondering about that. Mine dropped as well. Weird. Thanks for the info. I am off to fix mine. :)

Amy said...

Mine weren't anon, but I did notice my followers dropped. Thanks for the heads up!

Alyce said...

Thanks for letting us know! My counts dropped too.

sassymama said...

hope u feel better real soon now sassymama:-)

Lenore said...

My count was fluctuating all day...sigh.

Hope you get better soon!

MommaYoung said...

Thank you so much for this post. I really did think I offended my followers some how. I had quite a few drop off the map!!!

Thank you again.

angie said...

See what happens when you go and have oral surgery? j/k.

I lost 20!