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19 March 2009

If I Was Here

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If I was blogging and not taking the off (clearly I am not here), I would show everyone the Mini Red Keurig I won.
It would probably look very much like this!

And with my favourite coffee cup

If I was blogging and not taking a day of rest, I would tell you that my boys think the Keurig is the greatest invention (after the computer and cell phones).
I would also send an Enormous Thank You to Extraordinary Mothers (do you hear me shouting Kristin?) for giving me the wonderful chance to win the Keurig.

All these things I would share with my readers, if I was not taking a day off.

***Enter The YO-Gurt Plus Giveaway (there will be 3 winners)!****


Eighty MPH Mom said...

It's a beauty!! How fun is that. I'm so glad you won this fabulous Keurig from EM. Don't let the boys take it away from you LOL

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

I'm Officially jealous. That's the prettiest Keurig I have ever seen. :) I hope you're enjoying it while you're NOT blogging. ;)

Jenn@mylifewiththecrazies said...

DOnt you just love it! I have the Keurig also an dthink its the best invention ever! You can log onto to order your k~cups... they are the best website around, cheap & quick delivery!!

Lolli said...


I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
That looks cool.
Just stopping by via MBC to say hello.
Have a great day!

Naomi said...

The red is adorable and I love how compact it is on the countertop. So glad you won!!!

pam said...

You must be so excited!!! Congratulations.

Tim said...

Two seperate posts on your day it dedication or addiction. Whatever it is, your the best!

Love and Prayers,


Tami said...

I will have to beg hubby for one! LOL. Since I'm the coffee-holic around here. I'm so jazzed for ya! congrats!

Kristin said...

I'm so happy you won I know how badly you wanted one!

NateAndJakesMom said...

I love that you showed it with your favorite coffee mug... it looks right at home!! Congrats to a well deserving recipient!!

blueviolet said...

There's that famous Keurig!

I'm way behind on posts for everybody. I'll be back to commenting on every post tomorrow. Company is still here for part of today and then I'm going to collapse in a big nap!