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27 April 2009

4 Minutes of an Uncaffeinated Mind

Some readers may wonder why I do not make my coffee first, then proceed with my morning ablutions. The answer is rather simple. I have a routine and making the coffee first would throw me off course.

Riddle me this. My family prefers the house colder in the winter than the summer. I am putting a stop to that.

What happened to spring? Each year I ponder this. We have been in the upper 80s for almost a week now and quite frankly I am tired of it. It is supposed to be spring and I feel cheated.

Do all four peanut butter jars have to be opened and partially used? The same question applies to cereal. I have no answers.

My neighbour vacuumed his driveway and street gutters. Is that something I should be having my husband do as well? Maybe my neighbour will do mine? Do others do this and I just do not notice?

The birds have freshly cleaned feeders, so why are they not eating? Is it the seed?

Will society every stopped being obsessed with looks? Who sets these standards? Why do so many hold themselves to these unobtainable standards? Is thinness, beauty and wealth directly related to happiness? I think not. To one's self-worth? I hope not.

Do all teens wait until 30 minutes before school to announce they need x, y, and z before school because they have a track meet after? Mine should know better, yet continue this practise, which yields them very little sympathy from me. They did have an entire weekend to prepare.

I do believe Einstein was correct (actually on most things), however, I am referring to his definition of insanity: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

I would like to change my signature, yet I have forgotten how I went about making it to begin with. I should keep notes on these things.


Mighty M said...

Hope your coffee was good. We eat our peanut butter one jar at a time. ;-)

Tim said...

This was pretty funny. Your siggy can be changed pretty easily. Just go where you set it up by clicking on the siggy and change it. I used my actual signature and scanned it in. This way it apprears at the bottom of each of my post like a real signature.

Have a great week Jen!

Love and Prayers,


Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

I'm wishing spring were cooler as well. UGH! My preggo self is warm enough. :*( I must adjust, I guess.

Tami said...

heh heh, I like the peanut butter tid-bit. It is like cereal. I have 6 boxes opened and only a tad taken out. What is it with teenagers that they can't finish one before opening another? I end up throwing it away from being stale! They refuse to close the top and fold the bag! Quiet frankly it annoys me LOL.

And the last minute things..grrrrr. They know now, don't bother to ask me at the last minute..I can't help you last minute, but if you tell me a couple of days in advance, you have my full attention!

You made me giggle with I feel cheated out of spring. It was in the 100's here last week. Then a day later it was in the 60's! I froze my behind off at work. (One woman is going through the change) I told her I had to go out and remove the icicles off my invisible mustache! The air was on to 55 degrees in the office! I complained to my boss when my hands started turning blue. LOL. We walk around with jackets while she has a summer tank top on. I get cold just looking at her. I even scarf it. wrap it around my neck 2 times and rub my hands in it! I have slippers under my desk! I wear them often!

I can make you a new signature!
If you know how to send a font in email, let me know =) I'd be happy to do it for you =)

kimert said...

I love this! :) I understand the whole routine thing. One little thing to throw off my routine and the day is just not the same.
hey, I left something for you on my blog on Friday. ;)

April said... my pantry there are 3 opened jars of peanut butter, 2 opened loaves of bread, 4 opened bags of chips, and about 5 opened rolls of crackers.....I did ask the girls about the crackers and they said that they are better when they are first opened.....I guess because they don't close them up good.....I'm not sure how to fix this now that the girls are old enough to get their own snacks.

Eighty MPH Mom said...

We have a neighbor that uses the leaf-blower for hours straight (seriously). It drives us nuts.

The peanut butter? It is a common theme here as well. There are always several jars open!

Mrs. {Erin} Cox said...

We had at one point {and I'm not joking} 4 jars of cinnamon. All mostly full, but used. I know why - Mat. He got on a kick making pumpkin pies from scratch. Using an actual pumpkin. Each time he'd think we had no cinnamon and he'd buy more and open it before I could tell him otherwise.

Routines are good you know. I'm with you on that. I have my coffee/morning routine too :)

The Pink Potpourri said...

that list was so funny! my husband and i have HUGE issues with the thermometer in the house. he wants to keep it cold in the winter and warm in the summer to save on bills. his theory..."if you want it to be 72 in the winter, why not keep it there in the dead of summer? 72 is 72..." grrrr...

Veronica Lee said...

Love this post.
Grab the blogger buddy and zombie chicken awards from my blog!

One Anxious Mommy said...

How much coffee do you drink? I think there is some unwritten "kid" rule that says that they have to wait until the last minute to fill their parents in. My step-daughter does that too.

Dee said...

LOL! Yeah..we dont have a spring here either.....goes straight to summer! We've been in the pool for a few weeks now!

Kathleen W. said...

You are so funny, and I hope you don't add caffeine to the mix! I love these posts sans-buzz.

I laughed out loud imagining our neighbors vacuuming the driveway! We have a crazy old woman who sweeps the gutters (and she lives 4 houses down from the corner, so it's not even along her house). Must be bored.

I too am dying here with these near-90 degree temperatures. I miss the cool, 60 degree days.

NateAndJakesMom said...

You are hysterical... We have 3 different peanut butter jars open. I like creamy reduced fat, hubby and the big kid like regular chunky and I only give the toddler "real" peanut butter that is organic AND has only peanuts in the ingredients. :)

I could go on but that is a long comment already...

Leane said...

I LUV your uncaffeinated mind!

Smiles! *L

Barbara said...

OMG, I love reading your blog, you are so right on! Like Seinfeld with his musings. My family can't even finish off the first gallon of milk before opening the second...same with OJ. Will they never learn?

Lacie E. said...

This was such a great post!! I have to say though I would be happy with any kind of spring it snowed here this morning, that is just not ok.