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30 April 2009

An Awesome Blogging Buddy?

Tami from Diary of A Madwoman honoured me with this beautiful award:

Blogger Buddy Award

Thank you Tami!

I was honoured with the following amazing award from the wonderfully fabulous Mannequin from Fractured Toy and wonderfully fabulous Veronica Lee from Of Mice and Ramen

The rules state I am to list 7 things that make me Awe-summ and then I am to link back to the QUEEN(S) who tagged me.

Wow, seven things about me that are awesome? Seven? Seriously Seven? I asked my family for help (not the best idea, but here is what I have)

1) My youngest twin says I am caring and a miracle worker with stuffy noses. (any chance he has my personality?)
2) According to my oldest twin, I am awesome because I am his mom. (yes, he chose an easy out)
3) My first born mumbled that I am awesome because I am different. (I did not ask him to elaborate, I am going with it being a compliment, okay?)
4) My husband says I am awesome because I am dedicated to my family. (read patient)
5) I am an excellent at multitasking.
6) I am extremely loyal.
7) I am only as awesome as the people I call my friends. (and my friends are extremely awesome!)

I am supposed to pass this award on to seven bloggers that need a little bling and hug, because they're awesome. I cannot choose 7. If you are one of my readers, consider yourself tagged. As each and every one of you are Awe-summ!


Anissa said...

Congrats on your awards. TFS

Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for the mention.

Peterson Party of 5 said...



Tim said...

While I am extremly happy for you for getting these awards, it is bittersweet because I was about to give you the same award. Funny how that works sometimes. I just got that award but havent had a chance to post about yet with Vlogemotions taking some time.

Jenn you are a VERY amazing and Awesome person. If anyone ever deserved an award like this its you. I continue to be in awe over how great a friend you are. I mean if I had the pain you live with I would be down for the count. However, you continue to press on despite the overwhelming odds. You are a great mom and wonderful friend. I am so blessed and honored to call you one of mine.

You are living your dash the way we should all live it, and for that you will be enternaly blessed. Congrats on the awards, but they will never be enough to express how truly amazing of a lady you are.

Love and Prayers,


Cj @ Live Laugh Love said...

You deserve these awards cause you are AWESOME!

Love, Prayers & Blessings

Mighty M said...

Congrats on the award - that is so awesome! ;-)

Tami said...

you deserve everyone one of those awards!
You rock!

NateAndJakesMom said...

I was going to say congratulations but then I read Tim's comment and I am going to cheat and say, "Yeah, what he said." :)

You are awesome.

mannequin said...

Congratulations Jennifer, how's it feel to be so loved? We do! We do! We do!
And *I* think you should add that you are awesome because you are capable of reading an entire library in one week.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! Your blog IS awesome! :-)

Eighty MPH Mom said...

congratulations! Thanks for the chuckles too - especially what your kids said - that you are "different". Hmmm that can be interpreted many different ways LOL.

I think you are really awesome!!

Sweet Serendipity said...

Congrats and I love the kids' comments.