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18 April 2009

I Know

I know having a stroke and suffering from it daily makes me stronger. I would have preferred not to have had one major and several minor ones, yet that is what was meant to be.
I know I have met some of the most generous woman and men in the blogosphere (you know who you are). I treasure each and everyone of you.
I know that I have enough drama in my life that I do not need to create or seek it out. Why do so many seem to thrive on it, crave it?
I know that for all the wonderful people I have encountered there is also a lot of meanness. Why? Is it a balance, Yin and Yang?
I know that I have made some friends for life! They are there when I need them. I am there when they need me or just because. We pray for each other, cry together and laugh together. It makes the pettiness I see (and there is so much of it)even out.
I know there is a lot of greed (I see several times a day) yet it does not mean I need to be greedy.
I know I see a lot of charity and it makes me even more charitable!
I know that some people never grow up, sadly I know this far too well and it is a bit too close to home.
I know the blogosphere is a wonderful place and I am humbled at the vastness of it.
I know I am proud to be a blogger. I am not the best logger, nor the most popular, yet I enjoy it and meeting new people.
I know that I am happy to have found a balance in my life, it has not been easy, yet it has been worth it.
I know that I am grateful for the vast diversity of the blogs, for diversity keeps life just that more interesting.
I know that I am grateful for the blogosphere.
Thank you to all bloggers!


Tami said...

I love my little following of people, I haven't come across any mean, rude or callous people here in blog land. I have gotten some pretty weird emails though. LOL

The people who follow me, and I them, are such pleasures to have in my life..each one unique and beautiful.

I'm sorry you've come to meet some bad ones. It's their misery with themselves that they have to make others feel it too.
I call people like that in "the real world" LEECHES. LOL. they grab on and you have to burn them to get them off.. buggers.

Your the BESTEST! I hop your doing well, Having had stroke at such a young age must be difficult. It was hard on us when my grandmother had several. I can't image what it's like for the person suffering them.



Mommyof2girlz said...

Stopping by from SITS to say hello. Love your "I Know" post it is very inspirational and i'm sorry to hear about your daily struggles, but it sound like you have great support and love from everyone around you. Have a great weekend :)

Christine @ Live Laugh Love said...

Knitty - you are loved and adored - please always know that!

Susan said...

Keep on bloggin"!!!! I'm a fairly new blogger. What a fun thing! Keep enjoying it!

Eighty MPH Mom said...

Beautifully written. I have so enjoyed the friends I've made and new people I have met. I try not to let the "ugliness" that sometimes appears, to get to me. Most people are wonderful. I love your blog, and I treasure our friendship!

Brittany said...

Yes you are definitely loved and adored! You are amazing and I am glad to have gotten to know you also!

mrs.mommyy said...

Oh beautifully written. If you want to ask any questions about strokes at an early age, send them over I had 3 in a matter of a few months when I was 30....and they say what does not kill you makes you stronger and that is so true. Cherish life and ignore the crap that flies overhead..its so not worth it. God Bless.

Jenn@mylifewiththecrazies said...

Thanks Jennifer. What a great post! I KNOW I am lucky to have found your blog and enjoy reading it! Thanks

angie said...

Isn't blogging wonderful? :)

Kathleen W. said...

For a second, I held my breath reading this, thinking you were going to give up blogging! Thankfully, you're not, so clearly I am a fan/friend, that I was so worried!

You're one of my daily reads and good blog friends, and I'm thankful that you're here!

Tim said...


You know how much we love you and feel so blessed that God chose to put you in our lives.

I worried so much and prayed so hard when you were in so much pain from your recent teeth ordeal. It hurt my heart to know you were in such pain. These things couldnt happen to a sweeter person.

However, even through all this pain you still continued to keep up with my blog as well as many others, respond to every comment, and answer every email. Through the pain you continued to be there for us, and I have no doubt that you would happily do it again.

You are the good side of this balance. The blogging world is a much better place because of Rundpinne, but the world as a whole is a much better place because of YOU!

Love and Prayers,


Whimsical Creations said...


Mighty M said...

What a nice post. This little virtual world that has been created for us is such a great way to meet others and write about what is important to us.