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25 April 2009

What I Learned This Week

There is a lot of good in the world and an act of kindness reminded me of the goodness that does exist.

That I can no longer polish off a box of Milk Duds due to my recent dentistry work, but Jujyfruits are still not a problem. For the record, I was worried.

Happiness comes from within. It cannot be bought. It is not a size, shape, or colour. Happiness does not come "if only". Happiness is a state of mind and spirit.

Having teens is most definitely a roller coaster ride. I thank my blessing every day that my guys are awesome teens. Yet even wonderful teens have their moments.

I have learned that life is all too short and fragile. Learn from the past and let go. Live in the present. Forgive. Enjoy the moment.

I really, really, really love food. Especially cupcakes, cakes, and See's chocolate. Thanks to my dear friend Speedy, I am now addicted to See's Chocolates.

I learned it is indeed possible to read two extremely long books, write decent reviews, and get them submitted within the same week and well before the deadline.

Finally DH found Moon Pies. DH and I have been looking for them for weeks. We did not think to check the cereal aisle. Next time I want junk food, I am heading straight to the cereal aisle.

Play along any day of the week. Head over to Musings of A Housewife for the details and Mr. Linky.


Tami said...

Moonpies are the cheeeze! We love them! See's candy?! My goodness, another favorite! (a co-worker gave me her candy coffee cup) has pictures of see's candy on it. I dream of eating a piece every morning while I sip my 6th cup of coffee at my desk. heh heh.

I announced over the loud speaker anyone touches my cup their in biiiiig trouble. It went missing after that. They hid it behind my CPU unit. lil buggers. I was in a panic!

Musings of a Housewife said...

I am kind of looking forward to / dreading the teenager roller coaster ride. On the one hand, I look forward to seeing the little adults they are becoming. But on the other hand, I'm SCAYERED!!! :-)

And the milk duds - now that is tragic.

Mighty M said...

I am glad Jujyfruits are still an option. Makes missing the Milk Duds slightly easier. ;-)

April said...

I don't do Moon Pies.....even though I'm Southern.....I think that's a crime!

Felicia said...

Are you in the south? It seems like Moon Pies are on every aisle here! LOL!

Eighty MPH Mom said...

You sure learned a lot this week! I'm sorry about the See's addiction thing...but I will try to keep them coming your way okay?

Judybees but not Milk Duds? Hmmm...very strange.

Barbara said...

Lovely musings to be sure...with 3 teens in the house I can totally relate. Strangely though, now I'm hungry :-) (and I'm so into that See's chocolate now too)

mannequin said...

Ah, the proverbial roller coaster.

When the roller coaster slows down or stops, you know you're in for something big.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

When Princess Nagger gets in her '6 going on 30' mode more often than not, it tends to make me extremely nervous about what the teenage years will hold... :)

That's a bummer you can't eat Milk Duds...I'd pick them over jujyfruits any day, but jujyfruits are better than nothing! ;)

Mmmmmm...See's chocolates...Speedy is a good friend! ;)

One Anxious Mommy said...

I really like See's Chocolates too! I have never had a moon pie. Not even sure what they are!!