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25 June 2009

Uncaffeinated and Migraine Brain Thoughts

I do not think my brain could possible ramble more than today. On top of caffeine deprivation (it is steeping as I type), I have migraine brain. If nothing else, this should prove to be an entertaining blog post.

First off, I am knitting again (did my knitting friends just fall over in a faint?) I am swatching to make Lily, by Marie Grace Designs. I will be using Llamajama yarn in Orchid. I can say with honestly this is the softest yarn I have ever touched. It saddens me to have to add (as a disclaimer to save my bum), I did not receive any compensation to say that nice things about them. To my knowledge they do not even know I did. The yarn (in my unbiased opinion) has a wonderful hand, beautiful drape, a softness I cannot describe and I look forward to wearing it.

Huge news for my household, Sheldon *is* eating!! Apparently Sheldon did not read the book on raising Bearded Dragons and does not realise 75% of his diet should be made up of protein (crickets) while 25% is greens. He humoured me and finally ate 1 cricket late last night. However after trying several salads we hit on a favourite of his! We have a whole baggy of Sheldon Salad; equal parts collard greens, kale, and mustard greens. I confess, prior to Sheldon I had heard of these but only actually seen Kale. A long way to say, my baby beardie prefers veg to insects (I really cannot find fault).

I am about to date myself here, how many of you recall Dudley Do Right? "Here I come to save the day!" Viola, it is my husband. Not for me, no. Rather our neighbours are headed out of town and asked it he would mind watching their dogs. The have gorgeous dogs (did I mention big) and well mannered (with their owners present) and he thinks there will be no problem walking into their home while they are away to tend to the needs of the dogs (they have never been left before and being faithful dogs, fiercely guard their home). If by some good fortune my husband is not mauled to death upon entry, walking them should prove interesting. I mentioned they were big dogs? Yes. They are solid muscle. She is a professional trainer and previous body builder (which is to say she is extremely strong) and when she walks them at times it looks as though they will dislocate her shoulders). At this point let me point out my husband (whom I think is the most handsome man around) does not lift weights, he does not exercise. Please think positive thoughts for my husband this weekend. (I will be asking my father who the patron saint of stupidity is, for good measure).

As for the dreaded summer cold? It is so happy in my body, it may indeed be here to stay. I have lost track on how long I have had it now. The summer cold I can handle, the intense migraine pain, that really needs to subside. I know it will never go away. (I came to terms with that diagnosis decades ago.) Yet on a pain scale from 1-10 (5 does not count) I would like it around a 3-4. Before anyone emails me, I do not know why 5 does not count, I did not make up the rules. Although, I may ask, just because.

Children. I must admit to being baffled. Most of you have never met my boys. I have 2 shy and one outgoing. We have been discussing High School Classes as usual. It does not, at this time, look as though any of my children want to follow in the footsteps of their father. My oldest would like to go into Political Science (score one for me), my outgoing one would like to travel the world. He is fascinated by other cultures, so he is thinking Anthropology/Archeology/Biology. The surprise was my extremely quiet son. He would like to (and apparently has wanted to for quite some time) take theatre and videography classes. Mannequin, if you are reading this, I would welcome your thoughts and advise.

My coffee is ready (Ode to Joy is playing in my head). It looks as though the temperatures will be in the 90s yet again today. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Thursday!


Mrs. {Erin} Cox said...

Ugh - thank goodness for a/c! Hoping your cold vacates the premises soon and your migraine tames to a 2!

And hopefully your husband survives the weekend :)

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine-I hate those! Hopefully the dogs dont look at your husband as a yummy treat!

Octamom said...

What a relief that Sheldon is giving up his super model anorexic ways. Cricket, cricket, cricket!

Hope that coffee chases away the migraine blues!


Banteringblonde said...

I've had three migraines in my whole life and the first one made me think I was having a stroke.... I am sorry and I hope the cold goes away!

Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

These are some wonderful and hilarious thoughts! I love that Sheldon has his own salad mix - I can just picture his baggy in the refrigerator labeled "Sheldon Salad"...everyone knows to stay out of it!

I hope your DH will be okay with the dogs - it does sound a little scary.

Funny about your boys - you never know what they will decide upon, but it's always interesting to hear their thoughts.

Lee said...

Tell your husband good luck with the dogs! I have one LARGE dog and am getting a second, and can barely walk mine! Stopping in from SITS to pay back that comment luv!