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20 June 2009

Uncaffeinated Thoughts

Indeed the time stamp is correct, it is almost noon and I am just becoming caffeinated. Normally I save my rambling, uncaffeinated thoughts for Monday mornings, when I am usually rather dazed and confused (well more so then usual) but a series of questions are racing through my mind (okay, rather slowly trickling across my grey matter since the caffeine has not hit yet).

Why does my cat scratch the area rug I have begged and pleaded for for over a decade? She does not scratch anything else (thankfully) yet why oh why this rug?

Summer colds. I have one and apparently my body has made a rather welcoming environment to the germs and they would rather not leave. Why are summer colds so persistent? I have been outside so much this summer, how did I even "catch" a summer cold with all the fresh air? I think it was all the fresh air that doomed me, it is a working theory, I never said it was a good one.

Father's Day is tomorrow. Many of you have known this for a long time, for me, this month has been a whirlwind and well it snuck up on me. Riddle me this. Why does my husband think we want to celebrate him at some strangers BBQ? Does he need to be around others that badly or is it the idea of free food and a beer? (I think it is the idea of a beer and free food)

Why do I feel like the bad person when I decline a dinner invitation? We were invited to a dinner party hosted my a neighbour we barely know and other families (with much younger children and not from this neighbourhood) we do not know at all. As I mentioned earlier, I have a summer cold and she asked us the day before. We may not do a whole lot, yet we do occasionally have plans. So why do I feel guilty declining?

Final thought, those who know me well know I do not like parties, as I cannot tolerate polite chit chat. I have never mastered the polite smile or the appearance of feigned interest. I have a low tolerance for people. I have a few close friends and I love them. I do not need, require, or desire an entourage of friends. Now DH and I have been together 20 years and I wonder at what point will he finally catch on?


Naomi said...

Me, too. My husband wants to invite people over tomorrow. People who have families who live in town. I said "umm, okay, honey." Because, really, who with a child under 10 and grandparents who live nearby is going to go to a friend's BBQ on such short notice?

I suppose I should be happy he's making an attempt to be social.

Haley said...

It can be really annoying when people around you want to socialize, and you just want to be left alone.

Tami said...

I always decline them as well! here, here LOVED this and NO need to be guilty!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I hate going to a dinner or party where I barely know the people - let alone where there will be scads of 'unknowns' there, too... I'm guessing the idea of a beer and free food was the enticing part to your hubby. ;)

Blech on the Summer Cold - those are absolutely not fun...and I'm guessing you're feeling like the bad person because you're not feeling 100% - don't feel bad about declining the in invitation, remember you would probably feel worse if you had actually gone... ;) ((HUGZ!))

Kathleen W. said...

Chit chat gets on my nerves too, especially about the weather. How many times can you comment on what a beautiful day it was?

I hope you get better soon!

Leane said...

I am the same way, especially when I don't feel well. Men don't seem to catch on to everything do they?