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22 June 2009

Weekend Recap/Wandering Thoughts

We had a wonderful weekend despite the fact an infection is invading my body has set up an apparently lovely home in my chest and just may never leave.

The cake we ordered from The Sneaky Cat Bakery was delicious! For my birthday, DH ordered the cake he liked, so for Father's Day I got the cake I wanted.

Sneaky Cat Signature Cake (as always click to enlarge the photo)

Summer is definitely here. The weather went from warm to hot, humid, and hazy. I am already missing the cooler, less humid nights. We purchased some lanterns for our patio and citronella candles to ward off the mosquitoes, hopefully they will work.

Sheldon had quite the weekend. He had his first bath and loved it. Yes, he needs baths, just like a newborn baby. He is also not eating, which is rather concerning, yet has plenty of energy and is drinking. I truly had not thought this through. A day or two after adopting him I realised that Sheldon cannot be left alone. This is a problem. I never, ever wanted a puppy, thinking the upkeep was too much Little did I know about the care and requirements needed for a Bearded Dragon. Not only can one not board a Bearded Dragon, but he needs to be fed live prey. Then there is the lighting situation. His lights are dangerously hot (yes, we almost had a second fire!) and he has various lighting needs throughout the day and night. He also needs a very well cleaned cage - daily. I cannot think of one person who would be willing to babysit Sheldon. Had I been thinking clearly we may have opted for a slightly less needy pet.

Our flowers are growing beautifully and new seedlings are popping up all over the place. Our new trees appear to be adjusting well and show signs of growth. Not much, but some. We do still have the circles of dirt, wood chips, and lack of grass where the two trees used to live prior to their removal. DH promises he will take care of it. Note the date of this post. I will be shocked if the holes are properly cleared out and grassed over before autumn. We are not lazy, rather we detest yard work.

This is the first summer DH has had to teach every day and we are adjusting to his schedule, yet wish he had a day or two off. The boys are up at sunrise to run, while the cat and I sleep for a few more hours.

I have a stack of books to read, a cedar chest filled with yarn waiting to be knit, and weeding that truly must be done. I certainly have enough to keep me occupied. The main difficulty is choosing which to tackle first. I am thinking knitting will win out, at least for today.


Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

That cake is gorgeous! Oh, I bet it was delicious. It looks like that bakery is getting a LOT of business from you. ;) She must be so happy.
Oh...and...Sheldon is lucky to have you as a mom. You're very attentive. It's so sweet.

Elle said...

That cake looks fabulous!

Glad I've never had the urge to get a bearded dragon. Sounds like way more work than I need.

Naomi said...

That is by far the most frou frou Father's Day cake I have ever seen... and I love it! I bet it was delicious. Poor Sheldon probably didn't even get to try it...

Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

That cake is unbelievable. I mean WOW! I wish I had that bakery by me!

I'm sorry Sheldon is more work than you had anticipated. I would think they are pretty self-sufficient, but then again, what do I know about bearded dragons?

Tami said...

The cake is beautiful, looks delish too!

Is sheldons tank on a stand? and the lights sitting right on it? Jeremiah used to hang hooks from the ceiling so the lights could hang near the cage and not catch fire, we too almost had a fire until someone recommended hanging them both up.

I don't know why he hasn't eaten.. I know ours used to eat daily. (I could be wrong) Jeremiah would at times feed his pinkies. I'd gag, and cry. I haven't had much time to give him your email.
Maybe I should just give you his LOL
Just tell him in the headline I sent you over =)
He'd be glad to help you!!!!

Leane said...

What a yummy treat for a special day! The cake is really wonderful looking....we didn't get that pic of you with a frosting mustache and huge smile though.....and you can't say it didn't happen. ;)

I hope you will be able to shake that infection soon, it sounds awful. Chest congestion usually gets a lot of help with Mucinex (avail. at pharm. over the counter). I don't know if you have tried it yet, but it works miracles for me.

Good luck with that dragon!

Octamom said...

What a great mom you are to do the reptile thing--I just can't bring myself to do it...


mannequin said...

Oh Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon. He won't eat? Did you try chicken? Kafka liked crickets and chicken in the beginning but quickly switched.
If you find a herp vet, they will board Sheldon while you are away. Luckily, we have a neighbor that isn't afraid of our ferocious man eater.

Mrs. {Erin} Cox said...

Oh I hope Sheldon will start eating soon!! Silly Sheldon.

That cake is beautiful - mmm I bet it was delish!