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16 July 2009

Rambling From A Slightly Caffeinated Brain

I have not been feeling overly well and I was sleeping in, or so I thought. My sons were off at various activities and rather than DH kissing me goodbye and heading for work, he stayed home and then decided I has slept enough! Why did he wake me? I am sick! The luxury of having teens is that they drive themselves and they can actually care for themselves while I try and heal. My sons arrived home and asked what I was doing out of bed. Good Question!

I found a new (to me) jewellery designer on Etsy. I adore her pieces. They are fresh, clean, and classic. I am quite excited by my new find.

I have been making progress on my Lily Cardigan. Not as much as I would have liked. The design is simple and fairly well laid out so I should have had it completed a week ago! I do not know why I am procrastinating.

It is quite possible that if I hear the telly on, one more time during the day, I will snap. I realise it is summer break, yet I cannot stand the sound of the telly or for that matter, music, during the day. It is grating on my last nerve.

Why do relatives leave me cryptic messages on FB? First off, I rarely check FB. Secondly these are relatives. Pick up the phone (surely all recall what one is) and tell me properly, please. Little messages that I must try and decipher are not working.

This summer has been a long one, yet moving rapidly. Yes, I contradicted myself, I know. It has been a long summer in terms of being mentally exhausted from worry and grief. Yet the days have flown by. It must be age related. Actually, I know it is age related.

Finally, I have mentally added up the cost of my boys heading back to High School in a few weeks and the dollar cost is alarming to say the least. Why do kids become increasingly expensive?

Time for a second and third cup of coffee and possibly a trip back to my bed!


Sweet Serendipity said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. My husband does that too. He'll say, "Why don't you go lay down and take a look exhausted." Then he'll open the door 4 times to tell me what the kids are doing or ask me silly questions like, "Are we out of coffee?" Duh, go look. If we're out, go buy some! Men!

Sandy said...

Oh, I love caffeine. I hope they never make it illegal, lol.

Anji Gallanos said...

I agree..I have become completely unable to listen to TV or radio during the day..I relish the silence. I was a bit distressed to read that boys actually become "more" expensive. Various summer camps and sports throw us over the edge in the summer..ughh more coming. Why do they tell us we have to save for college when really before we even have kids we should be saving just to pay for their growing up.

have a good day and hope you feel better :)


mannequin said...

aha, that's funny. I think of it as collecting quiet during the days, as if that will tide me over for the loud piercing sounds of an amplifier later in the day.

What seems the point of waking you?
It reminds me of when you're in the hospital and the nurse comes to wake you during the night to ask you if you need a sleeping pill.

Mighty M said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! I get a lot of family notes via FB too. I'm on there enough, but I wish some of them (like my mom) would CALL me once in a while instead of type in their status " wondering how T and kids are doing?". Annoying.

Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

Kids are so incredibly expensive! I am realizing that even more since my son is home from college for the summer - is crazy

Ummm - I need to have a talk with your DH....I really wish he would let you sleep, especially when you are feeling so horribly. I hope you will have some good days soon...there have been entirely too many bad ones. ((hugs)) Buddy!

Tami said...

I usually put my face on right away in the morning then have my coffee.. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!

Sorry your ill again! I'm keepin you in my prayers!
Feel better sooooooon!