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09 July 2009

Uncaffeinated Thoughts

I wanted to post my uncaffeinated thoughts (because really, who does not like to read my ramblings?) Unfortunately I was waylaid by some serious pain, worse then my usual. So today, not only are these Uncaffeinated Thoughts, they are also Migraine Hangover Thoughts.

What is a migraine hangover (someone will ask). When I have a migraine of the severity I had building the past three days, the day the pain becomes tolerable my entire body feels "hungover". I cannot think of how else to describe it. I usually end up sleeping a great deal. I did ask a few neurologists (as I rarely like just one opinion) and discovered this was very normal with my form of migraines and the series of TIAs and the main stroke I suffered. My brain is trying to heal.

Which brings me to Cheese Puffs. I sent my oldest to buy some for me yesterday. I do not know if it is the unnatural orange colour, the flavour, or the texture, but they are perfect when I cannot get anything else to stay down (no, I have no idea why). To watch myself I will add: I was neither paid nor compensated in any way to mention Cheese Puffs (note, I did not even mention the brand, I can tell you it was not a name brand).

On the reptilian front, Sheldon is growing rather rapidly (as most babies do) and is becoming much more like a Bearded Dragon in appearance then a Salamander (to me when we first got him, he resembles a Salamander). We bought him a larger home as the other just was not suitable for the size he will become. My husband thought we were all too optimistic that Sheldon would reach maturity. Sheldon is also an extremely lazy hunter, I can see now his early pampering was a bad idea.

I have decided that I can actually hear my oldest son's brain cells dying (in my mind it sounds like bubble wrap being popped) as he tries to sneak in TV watching. We normally watch very little telly and I have an incredibly low tolerance for the noise of it during the day, which is to say, I detest the telly being on in the daytime.

Doughnuts. What is it about doughnuts? I do not think I have ever encountered one I do not care for.

My coffee is slowly making its way to my grey matter. I will end with knitting. I had been working on my Lily Cardigan until I was unable to even coordinate my hands to the simple task of knitting. I shall add a photo, but there is not much to see.
Lily is knit from the top down and I am working the left sleeve.

Fortunately I am a lot farther along on it then when I took this photo (which truly is a bad photo). It was the best I could come up with this morning.


kimert said...

Ugh, migraine hangovers are so so bad. Sorry you have had to deal with that pain. I hate how migraines bring me down. ((hugs))
Cheese puffs. Ahh, they are good. I may get to find out again one day in about 3 years when my braces come off. ha ha
Hope you have a great day!

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear about your migraines. I hear they can be debilitating. Oh, god, I LOVE junk food. Cheese puffs, Oreos, soda, etc.

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

I get slight migraine hangovers too. I feel jittery and tired...mostly just lazy.
I want to see updated photos of Sheldon soon. :)

mannequin said...

Cheesepuffs DO seem to have some magical quality, don't they? Hope they worked a miracle on you!
The sweater looks as though it's coming along beautifully, what a gorgeous color1

You do know that in the end, Sheldon will toss aside any aquarium and prefer to be freerange? Can you really constrain a child for all of their life? Kafka would not allow it.

Naomi said...

I second the cheese puffs. Yay!

Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

Isn't it odd that cheesepuffs do the trick? I am happy you have found something, anything, that you can keep down. I wish those migraines would just leave you alone.

I would love to see new pics of "your baby" too!

I hope you will feel better soon :(

Sweet Serendipity said...

Oh, I do hope you feel much better soon. I know migraines can be simply horrible. I have been fortunate enough to escape them, but my sister and several good friends I have experience them.

As for the cheese puffs...whatever works! And doughnuts? What's not to love. I could never work near a bakery. I would weigh 300 pounds!

I hope you have a peaceful and happy weekend and that you are free from pain to enjoy it.