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18 July 2009

What Makes A Post?

How is a blog post defined? Are there definitions that I am unaware of? Is one sort of blog post more or less a post then another? If I write about my trip to Marshall's today, would that be more of a post then say me taking time to take pictures, write captions and link up to WW, visit and comment on the other participating blogs? Or wait, comments would not be factored in. Or would they?
I am really rather confused as to what constitutes a blog post. Is it the time one puts into the actual act of composing the post? Is it the content? The quality of the content? A mixture of all the aforementioned and more? Is there a magic number of posts that make one blogger more a blogger then another?
These questions lead me to then wonder, is there a type of blogger that is harder working than another? If so, how is this measured? Are there categories or degrees of blogging? If so, again, how would this be measured? By time, quality, or content? All of those? None? Am I completely off base?
I always assumed when a person decided to have a blog, it was because that person wanted to blog about whatever appealed to that person. Now I am finding out that this may not be the case? That does not make sense to me. Is someone categorizing blogs and handing out gold stars to some and not others? If so, I will take a pass on the gold star and continue to blog as I have always chosen to blog. I like to blog without guilt, without pressure, and I choose to blog about the things in my life I care to share. So, if I lose a gold star, so be it, I cannot be what I am not.


Hyla said...

I agree. It is nice to get gold stars but they are not for everyone.

Naomi said...

I hate to admit it but I'd like to write whatever I want AND get a gold star. Is that too much to ask?

Tami said...

I agree, I'd rather pass on a GOLD Star and blog about what I struggle with daily.
Being a Christian woman (who SINS DAILY)
My children and their daily STRUGGLES.

MY LIFE that sometimes just sucks. And other times is so amazing I have to blog.
Even with both the "sucky" and the amazing, I write about it.

Gold star? naaawwww, I'll pass.. heh heh/



AFlowerWithoutAName said...

I agree with you and I'm glad you posted that.

From A Creative Heart said...

Thank goodness someone had the good sense to say something. I usually find that the ones that are worried about stuff like this....well, let's not even go down that sorry road!!! LOL
Blogging, twittering, facebook...those are all wonderful tools that should be tailored to what works for you and adds something positive to your life. Sadly, there are some people that feel the need to regulate everyone elses life...and suck the fun and creativity out of it.
Thanks Jen for stepping up to say something.....
Now, I will head back to my simple, but great for me blog....

Kathleen W. said...

I'd say anything goes, from the boring details of daily life to the juicy stuff, and then those blogs that just post about giveaways for extra entries. It's all cool in my book.

Sue said...

I am cursed with the inability to be something I am not. I have only been doing it a little while but I just do what I do.

if you are true to yourself then people will like you for yourself. It is simple but it is true.

mannequin said...

Wow. That's a lot of questions!
You know what I think?

I think life in blogville is like life in general. There's an upper and a lower echelon in all stats.

I think it depends also Jennifer on what kind of blogger you are. If you're marketing, you have to beat the pavement to get ahead.
So yes, a lot of them are hard working and their stats can reflect that. And stats are what they live on. There's a higher and lower echelon in marketing bloggers.

If you're writing to be writing, you better spend time writing well thought out posts or you will be lost in the sea of clear speaking voices. There's a higher and lower echelon in the sea of voices.

Little good it will do you to blog if no one is reading your blog so you begin to mingle. Once you begin to mingle, you don't want to ignore your friends so you try to be a more frequent visitor. I guess it could all add up to work and then you've lost sight of why you were even there.

And Jennifer? You're good. It's all good.

Lolli said...

Amen! Be true to yourself. What more can you hope for or ask for? And, for the record, if I had any, I'd give you a gold star. :)

The Redhead Riter said...

I love so many different kinds of blogs that you can't go wrong!

I love pictures, but then again I love words. I'm easy to please

☼Hope you're having a sunshine ☼ filled Sunday!☼

Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

I would give you a gold start too (lots of them). I love the way you write.

My thoughts yesterday were just trying to explain why I am sometimes not's usually when I am working on a review (ugh)...and I have to tune everything else out for a bit. It is certainly nothing personal, and I hope you know it is not.

I wish I wrote as well as you do - you are classy, eloquent and so well-spoken. I just ramble.

I hope you know how much I adore you...

WhiteSockGirl said...

I always assumed when a person decided to have a blog, it was because that person wanted to blog about whatever appealed to that person.


Honest writing, straight from the heart, reflects in blogs. Same with pictures, and that is what I like about personal blogs. You can see whether it was done for the sake of traffic and gaining readers or whether it came from pure passion.

Stopping by from SITs

Jenni Jiggety said...

I think we are all gold star bloggers!

Sweet Serendipity said...

I think each blogger has to decide what gives blogging meaning for them and go from there.

Personally I wish I had more time to write, just for my own pleasure, but life seems to get in the way and most days I only have time to throw bits and pieces out there.

I put pics up for my own memories and for friends and family. I post about homeschooling resources to share with other parents and keep a sort of log of our journeys. If anyone else gets something out of all of it that's wonderful. But if I don't get something out of it, what's the point, right?

If I enjoy someone else's blog I'll visit regularly and try to let them know. If another blogger does that for me it's encouraging and nice, but gold stars? I don't really think they mean much.

I enjoy your writing no matter your reasons for doing so. I hope you will continue to enjoy blogging so that I can continue to visit :D

From A Creative Heart said...

Sadly, now I find I am a "lower echelon" blogger too.....

Hugs to you,

Whimsical Creations said...

I could not agree more. I started my blog a year ago not knowing what I would blog about other than my craft and have found I LOVE blogging for me. I have met so many fun & fabulous people out there blogging. (you are one of them)

hugs, melanie