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27 August 2009

2009/2010 Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge

Imagine my delight when I came across this challenge! I began reading these books when my twins were babies and well, life got really busy with twin babies and a toddler and I sort of left this series behind. Each time I see a new book out I think, I am going to begin again, yet never do. Now I definitely will be reading those books! I must find the first few I know they are here somewhere.

The rules are straightforward and can be found on J. Kaye's Book Blog. In short I am to catch up on the Stephanie Plum books I have not read, post reviews, link to the central site, especially when I have completed the challenge. The Challenge ends 31 December 2010. Plenty of time.

Since I cannot even recall the first one, I need to go back to the beginning, so here is my list:

1. One for the Money
2. Two for the Dough
3. Three to Get Deadly
4. Four to Score
5. High Five
6. Hot Six
7. Seven Up
8. Hard Eight
9. To the Nines
10. Ten Big Ones
11. Eleven on Top
12. Twelve Sharp
13. Lean Mean Thirteen
14. Fearless Fourteen
15. Finger Lickin' Fifteen

The most difficult part for me will be remembering to update my blog. I do have excellent intentions.


Andrea Proulx said...

That's so funny that this challenge exists. I actually personally challenged myself to reread them about a month ago. I am on book #6 now, I love rereading the story lines and I had truly forgotten some of the sillyest parts. I can't wait to see what you think when you read them again!

Abby said...

I love her books! That sounds like fun!

Cascia said...

I've never heard of these before.

Diane J. said...

Oh she has a couple between the numbers, too. Such as Plum Lucky and Plum Spooky. They are part of the Stephanie Plum series as well. I just discovered the series and am currently on Hot Six. The stories just crack me up!

J. Kaye said...

So glad you are joining in this challenge. It's a really fun series!