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15 August 2009


Every summer, a week or two before school resumes, my in-laws drive out here for a visit. This happens to be the weekend of their visit. The boys are enjoying this time they have with their grandparents. Even my husband agreed to go shopping with his parents, much to their delight and my surprise. My husband likes to shop even less than me!
The shopping trip yielded the boys with some nice new clothing for the school year, a new pair of shoes for my husband and a surprise for me! My husband decided I needed a watch and bought me a rather lovely asymmetrical silver watch that is fantastic. Sorry the camera battery is dead, the best I can do is give a link: Fossil Watch . I think my husband made an excellent choice.
I do not know what is planned for the rest of their visit. Hopefully some relaxing, maybe a card game or two and a movie. The weather here has been lovely, so it is possible some last minute outdoor work will get completed before everyone heads back home, to work, and school.


Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

How nice of your hubby to buy you a watch! And it was so nice of your in-laws to take the boys school shopping.

It sounds like you are having a LOVELY TIME with them. What a shame they can only come to visit once a year....

LiveLaughLoveCj said...

YAY for shopping! That's great that the kiddos are getting to enjoy time with their grandparents.
The watch, by the way, is wonderful - kudos to Steve-o for picking out such a nice gift for you!

Card games are fun, so are movies, with lots of munchies of course.

I hope however, that you are taking care of you, you had a rough rough week with the pain you were in, I'd hate to think you are overdoing. Be good to you.
Here's hoping for a wonderful rest of the weekend.

PS - how is the knitting coming?
mama hen

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Sounds like a fun weekend... I am glad everyone is having fun!

Tami said...

Nothing like having family over. I enjoy it as well.
Congrats on your fossil watch! Love that brand!