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18 August 2009

A Touch of Three

It is another stormy day here. The guys did their morning run and were blessed with being rained on toward the end. The weather here has consisted of the three H's; Hot, Humid, and Hazy! All of which makes me very, very grateful for central air-conditioning.
The week, if yesterday is any gauge, will be flying by at an alarming rate. Half of the day (I wish I was exaggerating) consisted of me dealing with my older son via text on how he can change his class schedule. It was quite a fuss on his part. He was supposed to add A.P. Honors Biology II, but instead opted to add A.P. Honors Chemistry II. *shrug*
About 5 minutes ago, when the runners arrived home sweaty and wet, the twins informed me they too would like to make alterations. I believe Twin 1 will be staying with drama/theatre as his Fine Arts credit, but to my utter amazement, Twin 2 would like to take Art 1 as his Fine Arts credit. I thought he disliked art. I learn something new every single day!
My in-laws arrived to the safety of their B&B in WI. They decided to take a mini-vacation there before heading home and it sounds as though they have found some delightful stores owned by various artisans.
Today will be a lazy one for me. The twinks schedules cannot be changed for another 2 days, which is fine, since yesterday's long ordeal left me exhausted. Today I shall exercise as usual, shower, read and knit. I am sure a nap will find away into my day.


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Hope you get a nap for sure!

LiveLaughLoveCj said...

Ah yes, the beloved schedule changes - NOT. It's like pulling teeth sometimes to get them to do what is necessary, at least in my household. Especially the "tough" classes.

HHH -Hazy,HOT,Humid here today too - UGH - no central air (don't I wish) but I'm sitting in front of two fans and cooling from the a/c in the window of the kitchen - whew!

Life is gonna get busy, chaotic even here in the next couple of weeks. 1 back to college, 2 back to High School the other 2 hopefully gainfully employed (i'm keeping my fingers crossed on that) and me, no naps, but back to work and SOON.
Like you, I like a schedule, a routine...

Today, it's decaf ice coffee, knitting and trying to stay cool and not lose my mind over these anxiety attacks. UGH

You always make me smile knitty, I like the pictures you paint with your words into the day in the life of you!

Lisa Anne said...

In regards to twin 2, is there someone they like in that class or a best friend? Use to be the only reason I would take classes i disliked. Lol

Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

Wow - that is hectic! I know you will be happy when they are finally settled in school. I really dislike the first few days of school, and figuring everything out, filling out forms, etc.

Soon you will be able to rest...I do hope you get a nap today though!

cherie said...

thank God for lazy days, lol! enjoy it, dear!

Tami said...

I need a lazy day.. can I join ya? book.. coffee? LOL

CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said...

Sheesh, I was always just resigned to my scheduling fate once the school year started. I don't like to rock the boat...