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27 August 2009

Yesterday-An Afternoon/Evening in the Life of Me

Yesterday my boys went back to High School, they were happy to be going back, I was sleep deprived. I have not been that tired since my boys were very, very little. I could not function. I am a night owl, and it will take me a little while to get back into the 5:30am routine. Thank goodness for coffee.
How did the first day go? Thank you for inquiring. :) The eldest (rarely heard from, seldom home) is doing a lot of reading this year, mainly Brit lit but there is some American Lit thrown in for good measure. I know this from the books to buy sheet. He managed a college level literature course, actually all his classes are and I assume he is not minding his heavy load. Being one of few words it is difficult for me to ascertain.
Twin 2 arrived home most unhappy with his Persuasive Arts class (ironically all he does is argue, he is a natural and has been preparing his whole life for this class) and is hoping that tomorrow when his turn comes, there will be a magical opening in Art I. The Arts are strong around here, so it does not look good for him. If he cannot get into the class he wants, he will need to wait until next year. Which apparently is a tragedy I am not familiar with, just ask him. So he has to do a charade of sorts in class today and made living with him yesterday evening most unpleasant. On the flip side, the happy twin loves his classes! He went on and on about how theatre was fun and then promptly began his homework. He spent 3 hours completing his homework, a lot of it was French! Sadly, I spent the same amount of time filling out school paperwork. The grumpy twin was sent to talk with the neighbour, which gave everyone a much needed break, well not the neighbour (however, we did ask him first and he was willing to talk with Twin 2). It was a bit much to deal with, and several times, I should probably rescue Terry. He did not need it, it turns out the Grumpy Twin was a delight when with him. While pondering dinner and trying to chat with my Skype Girls we began preparing for the dreaded school supply shopping. I cannot adequately describe the nightmare it is, my kids have a thing for office supplies which defines all logic.
I was so tired, I mean truly bone tired. The boys made their lists and I sent DH. Yes, I chickened out. Apparently school supply shopping did not take a turn for the worse until store #3. Store #1 was completely out of the supplies needed, Store #2's selection was not much better. In High School, at least here, the teachers do not tell us what is needed until after day 1. Enter Store #3. My boys were in office supply heaven. Imagine of a wall of 3-ring binders, rows of mechanical pencils, huge displays of mechanical pencil refills, pens of all shapes, colours, and sizes, papers oh so many papers! and three office supply obsessed teens. DH's nightmare, nirvana for the guys. The teens arrived home happy and well supplied. DH arrived home exhausted, harried, and penniless.

I do not even dare ponder what this late afternoon will bring. For now I shall enjoy the quiet before the storm.


Christine said...

Hiya Jennifer,
This is the first year that I am without school-age children. No picking up supplies and shopping for wardrobes. No more filling out the contact/emergency paperwork. Unless you include the college tuition forms:)
I always had a hard time adjusting to the new routine, too. We are natural night owls and the first couple of weeks were painful! Time sure flies, though. Much luck to you this school year, sure sounds like you've got both hand full.

Andrea Proulx said...

I would have chickened out school supply shopping too. Sounds like it was heaven for the boys, but I would have miserable (just like the DH).

I'm glad back to school is coming up so quickly. I wish my kids had started this week too. But it is okay I am less than a week away from my much needed time to blog, chat, and work with some quiet. Though I only get two quiet days a week it is still two! And I will savor them.

I really hope the Grumpy Twin gets Art 1, i know how badly he wants and and it will help eliminate his grumpiness for sure.

Tim said...

Enjoy your peace my friend. We just hate school shopping too.

Love and Prayers,


mannequin said...

kee hee hee. They're office supplies geeks :)

That's wonderful that he loves theater! I'm quite happy for him.

Isn't it odd how we never have any idea what they're experiencing and yet, we've been there, done that?
I was so melodramatic as a child.

Early to bed, early to rise!

Mighty M said...

Oh my, what a day! At least you don't have sneezy twin, dopey twin, or bashful twin to deal with right now too! ;-)

Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

Oh I do feel your pain. The kids are always unhappy with at least one class! I also feel your pain on the school supplies - they really should give you the list during summer so there isn't the mad rush the evening of the first day of school - UGH!

I hope you got some rest finally. I get to do all of this on Monday!